Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 34 Whoever has the life to dare take away Song Ru!

Seeing that He Meiping snatched her mother's jewelry back, Song Zhi did not get angry, but played the underdog, and

Song Zhi furrowed his brows, his voice weak, "Aunt He, so you've always thought of me this way. I know that I was rebellious in the beginning, didn't listen to you, and didn't accompany you to the bar and nightclub, but I've changed. I call you Auntie and am polite to you, but why are you still wearing mom's clothes every day!"

"So I no longer have any semblance of a place in this family, and I can't even take mom's relics?" Song Ru was heartbroken to go around them and leave when she was pushed by Song Yuancheng!

"Where do you want to go! After causing such a big mess for the Song family, you still have the face to go to the Huo family to continue to lose face, just go to the countryside these days to get out of the wind and come back afterward! Our family can't afford for you to lose this much face alone!"

He angrily yells at Song Zhi, itching to kick her in the face, and in fact it's almost as bad.

He directly picked up the heavy magazine on the table and slammed it towards Song Zhi, itching to smash Song Zhi.

Song Zhi did not avoid and did not flash, the white arm was hit a heavy red mark ......

This scene just happened to be reflected in the eyes of the man who went up to the corner of the second floor ......

In an instant, a wisp of killing intent mixed with overwhelming anger surged over the mountains and seas ......

Song Yuancheng was in the throes of anger, completely ignoring the burning and compelling gaze behind him, instead sidestepping to directly block Song Zhi's path.

"Butler come up here and pack up the second young miss, send someone to send her to the countryside today, and when she's done with her introspection, when she'll be sent back!"

Song Zhi's heart thumped, tilting his head he saw the corners of He Meiping's mouth pulling up a shallow arc in triumph, exhaling a long breath from his throat as if he had gotten over something.

Song Zhi pinched her palms, her body stiffened, like she was caught in some horrible vortex, her mind frantically surging back to the memories of her last life.

Her mind immediately stayed white, chest cramps mixed with the pain of the lungs together, a long time that the oppressive suffocation slowly recede.

Song Zhi's hand was on the ground, covering her arm, and she didn't say a word.

She remembers that time she and Huo Muchen quarreled fiercely, was taken away by He Meiping, and as a result was sold by traffickers to the old ditch in the mountains.

The one who bought her was an old man with yellow teeth and fat, and she clenched her teeth and desperately resisted.

The old man was afraid that she would run away, so he chained her hands and desperately whipped her with a whip, cracking her skin and breaking her legs with a stick.

She lived in fear every day, eating searched rice and drinking dirty water, just huddled in the wall stacks, living in fear.

She remembers those days, crying and screaming every day, living in darkness.

But in her heart, she only meditated on one thought, that Huo Muchen would come to save her!

He will definitely come to save her!

Even if the whole world abandons her, Huo Moushen will definitely come to her side to save her!

This was a kind of unexplained realization.

Her gaze on the floor gradually tinted with a certain deep color, and her fingertips poked at her heart.

The heart was moving.

She suddenly laughed, laughed so hard that her eyes seeped with tears, couldn't stop the flow, cried so hard that her shoulders were constantly shaking, a little unable to get up.

Originally, the original ...... she was in love with Huo Mu Shen in her last life!

Always loved ......

Just she herself never knew ......

She was cheated by the female dryer, only that she never understood what the subtle emotions in her heart that she was clueless about were really?

Song Yuancheng saw Song Zhi crying more and more, the sound of the voice into his lungs, suddenly also some heart can not bear.

However, He Meiping thought that Song Zhi was playing some kind of trick, and hurriedly ordered the housekeeper, "Housekeeper, if you don't hurry up and go pack up the second young lady's things, is it because you don't want to work in Tangzhuang anymore?"

When Song Zhi left, she was going to rename Tangzhuang as 'He Garden'!

Song Zhi was violently pulled back to her senses, suddenly looking up to see the man's high-fashion version of leather shoes around the corner, and then heard the heavy muffled sound of leather shoes stepping into the floor.

"Where is this sending Mrs. Huo?"

"Let's see, with me around, who has the life to dare take Song Zhi away!"

Two low and grim voices came from the back ......

Song Yuancheng and He Meiping both had their bodies shaken, when did Huo Mushen come?

When they saw the reserved pace, their eyes were solemn and murderous, their sinister gaze gouging out towards them as they spoke quietly, "Didn't father-in-law say that Xiao Zhi had run away from home?"

Song Yuancheng anger was immediately suppressed without a trace, his voice was faint and pale: "You ...... how did you come."

"I came to take a look at Xiaozhu, and I didn't expect to see a dog barking at my wife." Huo Muchen's handsome face was cold, and he snorted.

Song Yuancheng and He Meiping were both stunned again.

A dog?

Huo Mushen blatantly called them dogs?

The corridor was ruffled by the breeze, and the sunlight was playful, enveloping Song Zhi, who was covered in gloom, and making her feel doubly warm.

Huo Moushen took a step and stopped at the door, his warmth ringing the center of them.

His deep eyes seize Song Zhi, who is still crying, and he faintly asks, "Can you get up?"

Song Zhi sits on the floor, sniffs and tries to use her ankle, but when she fell just now, she sprained her ankle again, and after a few tries, she fell back again, but instead, her face turned a lot paler.

Huo Muchen stepped over his long legs, Song Yuancheng automatically retreated, he easily came to Song Zhi's side, but instead of helping Song Zhi up, he turned on his toes.

"Father-in-law, you'd better give me an explanation as to how exactly Xiao Ru fell!" He raised his eyes, seemingly a little worried that he couldn't control his anger to spread and burn onto Song Zhi, and moved a little farther away, his voice line low and female, "You know, I love her the most, and I can't see her suffer half a little bit of aggravation."

"This matter is a misunderstanding." Song Yuancheng didn't dare to say anything, he could only turn his head and turn his anger to the housekeeper, "Housekeeper Song, why did you tell me that Xiaozhu ran away from home again! It caused such a big misunderstanding!"

The butler was drank in by the head gang, he hung his head for a long time, "Sir I'm sorry, it was my mistake, I didn't find out in time that the second young miss had locked herself in the door of her room."

Song Ru's eyes stagnated, not wanting Song Yuancheng to evade his responsibility and slam an undeserved disaster on top of an honest man's head.

Besides, Butler Song was still her mother's right-hand man.

The housekeeper sighed in relief and looked toward Song Zhi gratefully, scoffing again at Song Yuancheng and He Meiping.

"This matter is not the fault of the housekeeper's misunderstanding. It's you, father, who wanted to beat me to death and wouldn't let me leave, so I locked myself in my room!" Song Zhi spilled and rolled around so much that she couldn't even stand up anyway, so she sat on the floor and cried her heart out, "I just wanted to get my mom's jewelry back, dad why do you always refuse to listen to my explanations! And falsely accused me of stealing Aunt He's jewelry!"

"Aunt He, I've always respected you the most, why don't even you believe me and have to say I lied!"

"Song Zhu, stop it." Song Yuancheng lowered his voice, afraid of angering Huo Mushen.

The father-in-law being afraid of his son-in-law is still the first of its kind in Huacheng.

But Huo Mushen just has the capital!


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