Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 35: If I don't protect it, who will?

He looked at Song Zhi face tears rain pear flower, crying heartbreaking, and listen to her word for word accusation, not at all like lying, but really aggrieved, even more angry, his face obscure and unknown.

His wife, even if she really wants it, he has a way to get it over!

Not to mention his wife, really aggrieved.

Huo Mou Shen's eyes flowed out a trace of chilling, daunting, coldly hummed and asked, "Father-in-law, what's going on here?"

"Xiao Ru, Xiao Ru ......" Song Yuancheng stumbled over his words.

Song Ru fixedly gazed at him, stretched out his soft little hand and tugged on his pants leg, "I don't blame dad, it's all my own fall, I didn't expect my body to be too bad, it seems like I was pushed a little bit and then I fell down."

Song Yuancheng's brows tightened, she might as well shut up, explaining it all instead made Huo Mushen even angrier.

"Pushed a little and collapsed?" Huo Mushen loosened the lower buttons, his voice dull: "How about father-in-law help me perform."

Song Yuancheng was snapped in the face to the point of drawing blood, half a word couldn't pop out.

He Meiping had long been so scared that she didn't even dare to breathe, and her legs and feet were so sore and weak that she could only lean against Song Yuancheng to rub her barely standing still.

"Huo Shao."

The housekeeper suddenly stood out, "Second Miss wasn't pushed down, but she was trying to get back her wife's jewelry and was pushed down by Madam He."

"Don't talk nonsense! The jewelry was originally given to me by Yuan Cheng, that's mine!" He Meiping's heart cringed, she was afraid of Huo Mushen's terrifying pressure, but as things stood, she could only push as cleanly as possible.

"All of Madam's jewelry has symbols specially inlaid by Master Zhou, Huo Shao can check if he doesn't believe it." The housekeeper righteously says.

Huo Muchen glances at the jewelry, then suddenly stretches out his hand to yank Song Zhi, who is sitting on the floor, up and into his arms, using his fingertips to gently wipe the teardrops from the corners of her eyes, "Xiao Zhi wants to go back to mother-in-law's jewelry?"

Song Zhi was bumped on the tip of her nose as she pressed up against the man's chest.

She sort of understands why Huo Mushan didn't help her just now, he was radiating coldness and was on the verge of rage, if she was close to him just now, Song Ru felt that she didn't have enough clothes on her body, and sooner or later, she would freeze to death.

"Xiao Ru, eh?" He asked.

Song Ru's thoughts were pulled back, "Yes, I want to get my mom's jewelry back."

She actually wanted to say that she didn't just want the jewelry, but also the will Tang shi left behind.

But the words were swallowed back when they reached her mouth.

She didn't have the evidence, much less the certainty of getting it back, so it was better not to cause trouble for Huo Moushen, who had black and blue in the bottom of his eyes.

The man looked at her for a long time, seeing her lips pursed straight, every time he was faced with her stoicism and not saying anything to be aggrieved, he was able to bring up his mind to kill once.

"Open it and take a look."

He Meiping's breath was tightly knit, she didn't know that Tang shi was actually dead and still not at peace.

With a bang, she suddenly knelt on the ground and cried, "Yuan Cheng, the jewelry is Sister Tang's."

Song Yuancheng's eyes were stunned and he yelled lowly, "You really took it!"

"I just wanted to help Xiaozhu help save it, and give it to her when she marries, and it just so happens that I packed it all up today, just before I could get to it, Xiaozhu misunderstood that I took her mother's relics."

He Meiping knew deep down that sooner or later, she would have to be found out by Huo Mushan, and the anger might come even stronger then!

She lowered her head, her nails scratching the cheongsam back and forth.

"So the packing was really taken by you!"

Song Yuancheng hadn't felt anything, He Meiping had mentioned that she wanted to use it, so she took it.

Once he was held accountable, Song Yuancheng stood here, but saw He Meiping crying miserably, her eyes struggling.

He turned his head for a long time and sighed, "Xiao Ru, you see also apologized, jewelry you take it all back, this matter is over."

Song Ru's face was cold: "Aunt He is still wearing my mom's cheongsam on her? I want to take it back too."

He Meiping's heart and liver trembled at the words.

Song Zhi, however, did not care and looked at her with a smile, but her eyes were like ice cream, piercing cold.

Before she could open her mouth, Huo Mushan's order came from her ears.

"Didn't you hear what Mrs. said?"

Two bodyguards nodded and stepped forward.

One tugged on He Meiping's arm, while the other reached out to literally pick at her clothes.

"Huo Mou Shen, don't push people too far, we're all family, it's not good to make things too ugly." A sense of humiliation poured down from the top of his head, Song Yuancheng saw that Huo Mou Shen was deliberately looking for an excuse to teach him a lesson!

"The one who made things too ugly is father-in-law! Xiao Ru is my wife, who do I not protect, if anyone bullies her and moves her a bit, I will return the favor tenfold."

Huo Mou Shen hugs Song Ru, lowers his head and kisses the top of her head, his arms wrapping tighter and tighter around her, and a cry of pain is suddenly heard in his ears.

He lowered his eyes, his gaze settling on the bruised scar on her arm, his forehead tendons greening up as he directly picked the person up in a horizontal hug, his anger even more prevalent than earlier!

Song Zhi saw the man's sharp and emotionless eyes, he was gently rubbing the wounds on her arm, an appalled sense of fear was suddenly magnified infinitely, she did not expect Huo Muchen to do it so crisply, half of it did not give face to the Song family.

This state lasts for a few minutes, and she jolts back to her senses and hears the man laugh lowly and coldly.

"A dog dared to bite its master, since father-in-law won't do it, I'll personally teach you a lesson for you!"

Huo Mou Shen said in a single word, words like knives, "Today I am here to explicitly tell the Song family up and down that Song Ru is my wife, and everything is under my protection!

What people can move, what people can't move, and what price to pay for moving!"

"Then what do you want?" Song Yuancheng's footsteps were weak.

He was still no match for Huo Mushan.

Huo Mushan gently stroked her injured arm, his voice grim, "I said, pay back tenfold!"

"You ......"

"But father-in-law is right, Xiao Ru is also a Song family member after all, so ten slaps!"

The light tone seems to be saying, how is the weather today.

The next second ......

The bodyguard held down He Meiping, who had peeled off her cheongsam, to the ground, and another bodyguard roughly picked up He Meiping, strangled her fidgeting arms, and her arm, like an iron clamp, pinched He Meiping's chin, raised her palm, and swung it round and slapped it heavily.

The atmosphere in the entire corridor was heavy.

Only the miserable screams of He Meiping echoed.

Ten slaps, each one heavy and loud!

The bodyguard was also afraid of not hitting hard enough, each slap was pumping out the strength of his entire arm, using a flood of power.

Slap, slap ......

After the end, He Meiping only wearing sexy thin pajamas of lying on the ground, but that well-maintained face red and swollen into pig's hooves, the face of the whole can not see clearly the original appearance, along the teeth gap scalded out of the blood, woefully lying on the ground, and even the struggle of the strength is not, the body curled up and twitching twice, as if the maggots in the ground crawling, stomach-turning.

Song Yuancheng lowered his eyes, staring at He Meiping who was beaten into a pig's head, and could no longer see half of the beauty, and immediately felt that his face was also hot and painful, as if the ten slaps were smacked on his face.

He Meiping grunted in pain on the ground, Song Yuancheng wrinkled his eyebrows and reared his head, "Isn't that enough!"


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