Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 201

After thinking for a long time, Song Ci told Huo Muchen all the news he had learned, with a calm voice and self-mockery: "It's the people around Lu Huaike, I saw them once, they are doing black-handed business.

Lu Huaike wanted to sell me before, but I got away with it because of my deception. He wanted to use it to steal the M&R contract information. I didn't agree. I recognized them when I saw them just now! "

Song Ci didn't know whether it was right for her to fabricate the facts, but they did poach her kidney and give it to Lu Huaike. In short, they have nothing to do with Lu Huaike!

All the truth can only be turned into bitter water and swallowed down the throat!

Huo Mushen cleared his throat, his tightly pursed lips curved into a half-smile, pressed her head, and slowly ran his five fingers along her black and smooth black hair, and said with a serious expression: "Xiaoci, I'm a little bit patient." Can't stop."

"What can't help it?"

The sky above the emergency room was shrouded in daylight, and the pale light reflected on his face. The man just squinted his eyes and didn't speak. Pulled out of his arms, his deep eyes were full of soft emotions.

"Okay, let's go back to the ward and we can go home tonight."

Huo Muchen hugged Song Ci to make her stand up straight, and gently straightened Song Ci's blood-stained face, and wiped it vigorously, but he couldn't clean it off.

"If you can't wipe it clean, don't wipe it, just like Mr. Huo." Song Ci couldn't help rubbing his chest.

Doctors and nurses: "..." They all vomited blood and died!

They are not here for surgery, but to be sprinkled with dog food!

"Go out first, I'm afraid you won't be able to bear it at night." Huo Muchen pursed his lips tightly, rolled his Adam's apple very lightly, looked away forbearance, coughed lightly, and then spoke as usual.

"Okay." Song Ci also really wanted to see Jiang Jingxing.

Huo Muchen and Song Ci interlocked their fingers and led him out of the emergency room.

As soon as he opened the door, Bu Yan shook off two lines of tears and ran straight towards them, followed by his voice: "Third brother and third sister-in-law, are you alright?

I heard that someone assassinated you at the gate of the mall today!

My little heart almost spewed out of my throat and eyes in fright, I wish I could grow two pairs of wings, fly directly to your side, and rescue you! "


Bu Yan first stepped forward to check Huo Muchen, and finally fixed on Huo Muchen's gauze-wrapped palm, then stood in front of Song Ci, and after scanning around like radar eyes, he glanced at Song Ci anxiously and worriedly. Wound.

But as a doctor, he paid more attention to Song Ci's unusually calm eyes. He caught a trace of guilt in her eyes, and immediately took it into his eyes, and took a step back.

"If only I had been there, I'd be like a day angel bandaging your wounds.

It won't let you get hurt, why are you still hurt by a few bastards like now. "

Bu Yan babbled for two minutes, then immediately turned around and rushed in front of Jiang Jingxing, and asked in an emotive voice: "Brother, have you found the person who hurt the third brother and the third sister-in-law?

If you find the person behind you, you must tell me, and I will definitely rush over to help the third brother and the third sister-in-law vent their anger! "

In an instant, the sick and cold breath in the air suddenly became active, even chattering to noisy.

Only Song Ci's brain hurts from hearing it, and he is also willing to appreciate the pictures that Bu Yan can speak.

Jiang Jingxing cut off his words simply and neatly: "Shut up!"

"Brother, I am also concerned about you, why are you so fierce..." Bu Yan wept.

Jiang Jingxing took a deep breath, and although he didn't say a few more words, he answered all Bu Yan's questions concisely.

Don't get me wrong, Jiang Jingxing didn't understand Bu Yan, nor was he dared to be moved by Bu Yan, but simply didn't want him to continue talking nonsense!

He said in a stern voice: "I didn't find out, I'll talk about it later."

A few simple words are less distracting than perfunctory!

Bu Yan felt that it would be more enjoyable to ask Song Ci directly, so he locked his eyes on Song Ci.

Song Ci always has a sense of immediacy of being targeted by a guinea pig for an experiment. Her meowing is not a guinea pig, but a little white cat!

Seeing Bu Yan smiling brightly and walking towards her, Song Ci turned to the side behind Huo Muchen, and called softly: "Brother..."

Huo Mu twisted his eyes deeply, and while blocking his steps, he lowered his head and forcibly pulled out his soft white hand from his palm, and stretched it towards Jiang Jingxing. The look that he threw over was as pitiful as he wanted, and as wronged as he wanted!

"Song Ci, you..."

"Brother, can I have a lollipop? Xiao Jiu said you would give Qiqi a lollipop, can you give me one?"

The two voices came out at the same time, but Song Ci's voice was obviously faster and more aggrieved.

Jiang Jingxing: "..."

Fuck, how can he have that thing?

It's just that brat, Qi Qi, who obviously has no teeth, and is still clamoring for food!

If he doesn't eat, he pretends to be wronged. His chubby body almost wiped the floor of the police station clean!

But...the appearance of the third wife looks even more wronged than...that brat Qi Qi!

Jiang Jingxing twitched the corners of his lips.

Song Ci didn't care about Huo Muchen, she was injured anyway, and Huo Muchen couldn't do anything to her!

The hand she stretched out to Jiang Jingxing stretched a little further: "Brother, I'm quite obedient, give me one."

Huo Mushen rubbed the center of his brows, and pressed the protruding temples. If it wasn't for the inconvenience of one hand, he would definitely be punishing her by picking it up!

his wife...

His Huo Mochen's wife...

To eat a lollipop, you have to ask someone else! !

Shame on the hospital!

Jiang Jingxing was stared at, and there was only one thought in his mind: "Fuck, find a woman and have a daughter!"

He involuntarily took out the lollipop that wasn't given to Qi Qi from his pocket, and handed it to Song Ci.

Huo Muchen's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. When Song Ci took the lollipop with bright eyes, he quickly pulled it over and threw it into the trash can with a perfect parabolic arc.


The lollipop has landed!

Into the trash can!

Song Ci turned his head and glared at Huo Mochen: "You...the lollipop my elder brother gave me, why do you throw it in the trash can! You are not afraid that elder brother will clean you up!"

After finishing speaking, she turned around and rushed towards the trash can, but was suddenly stopped by Huo Muchen: "Song Ci, how dare you!"

Hearing this, Song Ci took another step forward. Anyway, there is wrapping paper on the lollipop, and it won't affect the taste if it falls into the trash can!

"If you dare to pick up things from the trash can, I will force you to take a shower ten times... I won't let you go even if you cry!"

Huo Mochen suppressed a strange feeling in his throat.

Song Ci could only stop in his footsteps, and looked back at Huo Muchen with a resentful face.

"It's just a lollipop. I didn't eat it when I was a child. If you let me eat one, you can't do anything to you?" Song Ci complained.

"You always say that you haven't eaten what you want to eat!" Huo Mochen is too fond of Song Ci, whether it is her before or the present, Song Ci will use the same excuse every time.


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