Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 202

Bu Yan took the opportunity to lean over and quietly moved to Song Ci's side: "Sister-in-law San, why don't I take you to the pediatrics department, where every child who gets an injection has a lollipop to eat."


After talking about it for a long time, I just heard this sentence!

"Really, I told my third brother that I will take you for a comprehensive inspection, just take the opportunity to sneak out and get a lollipop." Bu Yan showed that it was really possible with practical actions, and raised his head to look at Huo Muchen with a deep and bottomless look. With a look on his face, he winked and said: "Third brother, I'm going to take my third sister-in-law for a comprehensive inspection, and I'll bring her back later."

Huo Mochen gave a slight 'Yes', and then warned: "If you dare to bring someone to the pediatrics department, you will know the consequences!"

Song Ci's heart skipped a beat!

She always felt that Huo Muchen's eyes could see through all her thoughts, and accurately grasp all her small movements!

Husband is too smart!

"Haha, good! Third brother, don't you trust me?"

It's because of you that I don't worry about it!

Bu Yan took Song Ci away, and Song Ci sneaked behind Bu Yan like a thief, and the two abducted back and forth until they arrived at an office.

Bu Yan unscrewed the doorknob, pushed the door open and gave Song Ci a way: "Sister-in-law San, wait here for me, I'll go and get it for you secretly."


Song Ci was puzzled.

"If you go with me, if the third brother checks the surveillance cameras, we will be exposed." Bu Yan explained in a clear voice.

Song Ci thought it was very reasonable, but he always felt that something was wrong. He looked up at Bu Yan's face where he couldn't find any flaws, and just nodded dully.

Seeing Bu Yan leave the room, Song Ci stayed in the room alone and waited.

She was sitting on a stool, clenching her fists on her knees.

About five minutes later, Song Ci frowned, feeling uneasy from the bottom of his heart, he got up and went to pull the door.


The door was locked from the outside!

Song Ci tugged hard twice, but didn't pull it away!

Her delicate and pale face was perfectly reflected in the eyes of the men behind the glass window next door.

Especially Huo Mochen's whole body was tense, and he watched Song Ci become more and more restless, and then stood up and tried to grab the door a few times, and finally his face was full of loneliness and despair because of failure!

"Bu Yan, what can you see with this method?"

"Third brother, don't worry! Didn't you always want to treat Sansao's mental illness? If it wasn't for this situation, how could I see how Sansao's mood changes? There will be such a process, waiting for her to collapse To the extreme, you will unconsciously express all the fears in your heart!"

step by step explanation.

Huo Mochen clenched the edge of the table tightly, pursed his lips, and his body was tense.

Bu Yan patted Huo Muchen's shoulder sadly: "Third Brother, don't look at San Sister-in-law who is usually carefree or shows that she can do anything, but when she was stared at by me just now, she revealed her inner panic. , She lied to all of us. If we don’t use this method, we can’t force the content we want at all, and this kind of fear is like a black dog. Will it jump out and bite the third sister-in-law? The third brother will not be able to solve it in the long run! "

"Third and Seventh are right!

Your wife is the fastest way to find out who is behind the scenes. She knows more than us, and removing all potential dangers will prevent you from living in fear every day. "

Jiang Jingxing wanted to know why Song Ci knew so much more than Bu Yan did, and continued: "The information I gave you earlier cannot explain everything. After all, there are not many information available for what happened a few years ago."

"I only have one request, and it will not cause any harm to the body." Huo Mu frowned.

"Okay, I will try my best to reduce the damage." Bu Yan cannot fully guarantee that there is a price to be paid in the process of healing!

"Bu Yan, I'd rather she be deaf and dumb by my side all the time, and I don't want her to live a more transparent life than me." Huo Muchen's voice was low and his bones were creaking: "You understand?"

"I understand, let's see the reaction of the third sister-in-law first." Bu Yan turned to look at Song Ci who was placed in the monitoring room to observe his behavior.

Song Ci didn't expect that Bu Yan would lie to her, he smiled dryly at the corners of his lips, and began to look up in the four corners of the room, searching everywhere, and said calmly: "Bu Yan, I know you are watching me in secret!

You come out, I want a reason, why did you lie to me? "

Bu Yan's heart trembled when he was asked, and he couldn't help analyzing: "The third sister-in-law is too smart, she is the real her now, what she showed us before was just the side she wanted to show us."

"Come out!

Haven't you always wondered why I knew you long ago? I'll tell you as soon as you come out. "


No one responded to her!

Song Ci scratched his hair, raised his head and sniffed his nose, and unconsciously muttered to himself: "Huo Mochen, where are you? I don't want to stay here, I'm not sick!"

Her low and aggrieved voice reached Huo Mochen's ears through the loudspeaker, it was very aggrieved and distressing.

The pain made Huo Mu's heart ache.

Huo Miao's voice was cold and hot: "How long will it be over?"

"hold on!"

Bu Yan suggested.

After another five minutes, Bu Yan recorded all of Song Ci's emotional changes and analyzed them in detail bit by bit.

Song Ci lowered his head, his hair was hanging to his sides, the wall built inside his body collapsed, his blood-stained cheeks were torn apart, leaving only grief and despair, almost reaching the hysterical heart.

She raised her head and said to the air, because she knew that Homchen would definitely hear it!

They just wanted to know the truth about her rebirth!

Why is she trying to hold it down?

Song Ci was licked in by the teardrops with the tip of his tongue, but he didn't let a single tear fall, he just said in a calm and muscular voice: "Huo Mochen, I was killed... I died in the dark room, watching You walked past me but couldn't catch you!

I saw that after my death, you killed all the people who harmed me, and finally committed suicide! "

Song Ci held his breath and held back his tears!

At this moment, she felt that her ribs were the same as in her previous life, and her body on both sides of her waist was twitching and twitching with pain!

She choked up and said, "I was framed and nearly killed you, I stabbed you in the heart with a knife, I was betrayed by my family, I was thrown into trouble by everyone, and finally I was kicked into prison!"

These men are unbelievable!

Bu Yan started to get pregnant and Song Ci could tell whether it was true or not. Because of this situation, he probably suspected it was a dream, but what Song Ci said was very real!

Song Ci stood up suddenly, pulled the doorknob forcefully, and kicked the door panel with his high heels at the expense of tearing open the wound!


I already know I was wrong, and you still treat me like this!

Huo Mochen, come out!

Don't you want me anymore!

you come out! "

Song Ci showed evil spirit, it was self-protection born after being cornered!


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