Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 203

"I really knew I was wrong!

I didn't mean to, I was lied to!

I love you, I really love you! "

Her eyes were scarlet, and her body trembled violently.

Song Ci didn't dare to let himself fall.

She hasn't seen Huo Muchen yet, how dare she fall down!

Song Ci's long eyelashes trembled violently.

In the next second, she burst into tears and slammed the door panel frantically: "Huo Mochen, I was wrong!

Don't want me, I will obediently listen to you in the future and never eat candy again!

Don't leave me here alone, I'm afraid! "

When Song Ci uttered the last three words, Huo Muchen could no longer hold back his emotions, and directly opened the door and rushed to the next door.

Bu Yan stopped him in his footsteps, and said in a dignified voice, "Sister-in-law San is already on the verge of collapse. If you go in at this time, everything you have done will be in vain!"


Huo Muchen's eyes were scarlet, he directly clasped Bu Yan's wrist, and folded it back forcefully.

The moment the bones and wrists were broken, Jiang Jingxing resolved Bu Yan in time, and said, "Third Brother, calm down! Seventh Brother is right, if you give up now, all previous efforts will be for naught!"

"Step aside!"

Huo Muchen didn't give in, he just wanted Jiang Jingxing to get out of the way.

"Third Brother, even hypnosis is to force Third Sister-in-Law to vent out what she fears most in her heart!" Bu Yan hurriedly explained.

"Bu Yan!" His words were resounding, as if he had made all the decisions: "I don't care what the secret in Xiaoci's heart is!

I want her!

Even if she lies by my side all her life, I don't care! "

Bu Yan was stunned for a moment, Huo Mochen bypassed him, opened the door vigorously, bang, and walked out!

The door panel hit the wall, and half of it was swinging back and forth in the air, so precarious that it almost fell off!

Huo Mchen walked to the next door with only one thought, he wanted her!

No matter what kind of her, he wants her!

Why should he care!

He would rather not use it to destroy the defenses in her heart in exchange for knowing her inner secrets!

"Damn it, he shouldn't have promised Bu Yan to take the opportunity to know the secret hidden in Xiaoci's heart!"

He said cruelly.

The two rooms were only a few steps away, and Huo Mochen walked to the next door in a few seconds, unscrewed the locked door, and shook his wrist for a moment.

The moment the door was opened, Song Ci threw himself into his arms, and seeing Huo Muchen's face, he vented all the grievances, helplessness and anxiety these days, and punched him in the chest with a fist." Boom boom' smash it!

"where did you go!"

"Huo Mochen, I was wrong, can you forgive me?"

Song Ci raised a tear-stained face, which made Huo Muchen feel distressed for a while.

He hugged her just right to embed her in his arms, as if he had done it thousands of times.

"Huo Mochen, the secret in my heart is that I am actually heavy... woo..."

Huo Mochen lowered his head and directly blocked her soft lips, kissed away all her tears, put one hand on her waist, hugged her and turned around, his tall and straight body directly pressed her against the wall under the daylight.

A shadow enveloped her head, completely enveloping her in it.

How uncomfortable Song Ci was, although Huo Muchen couldn't empathize with her, he saw her pain and despair from behind the transparent glass mirror, and knew that his Xiao Ci had experienced inhuman experiences, Huo's family, Song family and Lu family's hands on her The design made her bruised and bruised.

Huo Muchen had seen Song Ci in distress before, but the last time he returned to China, he only saw her suffer from skin trauma. This time, she sometimes showed a devilish look on her face, like a demon awakened in hell. When someone stimulated her, will jump out!

He knew he didn't care, pinched her chin, carefully kissed the sweat of her grievance, put his arm around her back, and inserted his hand skillfully from behind the hem of the shirt, touching her until she was cold, wet, and trembling More than a spine.

It wasn't until all the cold sweat on her back was warmed by Huo Muchen's gentle palms that Song Ci's tense body slowly softened.

Song Ci was physically and mentally exhausted now, as if he had just experienced a big battle, the only hands still had some strength, and they hugged Huo Muchen's waist straight away.

The man's back was solid and strong, and his arms were also strong and strong, so he tightly held her waist.


When she spoke the first word, Huo Mochen pressed his forehead against hers.

He said in a low voice, "Needless to say, I understand, I understand everything."


Song Ci wanted to blurt out the truth, but was kissed back like this!

She wondered when the next time she had the courage to speak the truth again?

"I understand." Huo Mu's brows showed wanton flamboyance, and he rubbed her cheek: "It's enough for me to have you by my side."

Only with Xiao Ci by his side, in the past thousands of days and nights, he would not suffer from insomnia!

He doesn't need to numb him with alcohol!

"I will be by your side."

Song Ci cried until his voice became hoarse.

He added: "I want to tell you..."

"I do not want to know."

Huo Mu sank down one hand, the other naturally took her hand, interlocked her fingers and walked out of the ward.

At the door was a guilty Buyan and a serious Jiang Jingxing.

Song Ci raised his eyes and glanced at Bu Yan, then glanced over to Jiang Jingxing and tried his best to restore what he knew in his previous life.

She said hoarsely: "I don't know who they are, but they are related to Lu Huaike, and they are doing underground business. I only know the man who is the leader. There was another man at that time."

When she spoke, her body was extremely relaxed, as if the grievances accumulated in the past few days had burst out in an instant.

In addition to the hoarse voice, exhaustion, and broken wounds, Song Cishen finally relaxed after being tense for a long time.

She didn't seem to care too much about whether Huo Mochen would know the truth about the 'rebirth'!

"Can you still remember his face?"

Jiang Jingxing asked.

Song Ci gritted his teeth, and the corners of his lips curved slightly: "Yes, I can recognize them even if they turn to ashes."

Jiang Jingxing said: "Okay, then you can find a way to draw it for me, so I can find out who is behind it who wants to assassinate you as soon as possible!"

Song Ci nodded, and listened to his explanation: "Lao Qi is doing it for your own good. The behavior you showed just now is simply too crazy, unlike you."

"Brother, this is the end, I don't want to hear anything about my wife."

Huo Muchen was really angry, even his face became cloudy, his brows were frivolous, and the tails of his eyes were half-closed.

Song Cixu's soft voice sounded again: "It's okay.

I was also afraid that I would become irrational and hurt Huo Mochen. "

"Okay, just say one more word, I don't mind if you can't speak for three days." Huo Mu threatened severely.

Seeing that the atmosphere was tense to freezing point, Bu Yan interjected weakly, waiting to be cannon fodder.

"Third sister-in-law, those may be your dreams, don't stress too much." Bu Yan suspected that someone had hypnotized Song Ci before, causing her to have a terrible fear in her heart, but the report did not detect it. Don't dare to make too many assertions.

Song Ci stepped forward, with a cold face, looked directly at Bu Yan frankly, and said, "You are dead."


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