Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 204

Step words: "..."

he died?

When did you die?

Why doesn't he know?

The official announced that he was dead, how could it be?

He was still alive and kicking and standing in front of them, and he still had hundreds of millions of property that he had not inherited, so he died like this, isn't it too embarrassing?

The most important thing... He didn't marry a wife yet, so he died so easily, didn't he lose a lot of money?

Song Ci told Bu Yan in extremely serious words: "You died, suffered from depression and committed suicide for a woman."

Bu Yan: "...?!"

He was extremely shocked. He didn't touch women on weekdays, so how could he die for women in a daze?

Bu Yan timidly thought: "It's better for him not to touch women in his life, because the third sister-in-law's eyes are too sincere and sincere.

As a handsome doctor who gives psychological counseling all the year round, he didn't see the slightest trace of lying in Song Ci's eyes, that is to say, he really died in the memory of the third sister-in-law.

And as a psychiatrist, he committed suicide because of depression!

Don't be too miserable!

Even if doctors can't heal themselves, people with depression are usually dull and irritable, have insomnia and dreamy dreams, and don't like to talk.

How could such a nagging person like him get that kind of disease? "

He figured out all the possibilities after brewing in his heart, the only possibility is...

He suddenly widened his eyes and stared at Song Ci closely: "Sister-in-law San, you didn't scare me, did you?"


Since Bu Yan wanted to know, then Song Ci would tell him first, as to whether he believed it or not, it was up to him.

"Ah, it turned out to be true!" Bu Yan suddenly raised his head, the handsome doctor collapsed, grabbed Jiang Jingxing's arm and howled wildly: "Brother, I haven't married a wife yet, so I can't die!

You also have the third brother and the sixth brother, who are depressed because they don’t let me talk at ordinary times. You can't interrupt me when I talk next time! "

Jiang Jingxing saw that his plain clothes were being rubbed back and forth by Bu Yan, and the roots of his teeth were grinding, like a wild animal grinding its fangs.

"Bu Yan, if you don't let go, I'll beat you to the ground right now."

"Brother, you are too cruel, are you going to bury me alive?" Bu Yan bounced a few steps away, and ran all the way to Huo Mochen, but complained bitterly: "Third brother, I will talk later You have to let me finish, don't let me suffocate.

In this case, if something goes wrong with me, you will only be able to visit my grave in the future.

Even if my soul is back, you can't hear me, what a pity. "

Bu Yan was so distressed that he hugged himself.

Huo Muchen hugged Song Ci's arm and tightened it up, saying indifferently: "Sea burial, you don't need to go to your grave."

"Ah! Three of you are more ruthless than the elder brother, the elder brother will give me back the whole tombstone!" Although Bu Yan said so, he was not afraid.

He was most worried about the sense of reality emanating from the third sister-in-law's eyes.

Song Ci is good at 'lying', but Bu Yan is a doctor, no one can tell lies so truthfully.

"You distribute the Bu family to our brothers, and you will live in our hearts forever." Jiang Jingxing added another knife.

Step words: "..."

He is speechless!

Damn, I'm out of words!

Huo Muchen curled his lips and wanted to take him away, but Song Ci grabbed the hem of his clothes when he turned around, motioning him to stop.

She turned her head to Bu Yan and said very sincerely: "Bu Yan, you have to live well, because when you die, everyone is very sad. Especially elder brother and Huo Muchen, I saw their eyes were red, so Please don't die."

Jiang Jingxing: "..."

Step words: "..."


After Huo Muchen dropped a word, he hurried out of the hospital on his slender legs.

Because the two were injured, Huo Mochen asked the doctor to change the gauze for Song Ci again, and he didn't intend to stay any longer, so Jiang Jingxing spared them from taking the statement now, and went to the police station to do it tomorrow at a separate time tomorrow.

After leaving the hospital, Huo Muchen sat in the main driver, Song Ci frowned: "Your hand injury is not healed yet, can you drive?"

"Xiao Ci, is what you just said true?"

Huo Mo asked deeply.

His slender fingers tapped the steering wheel rhythmically, and he squinted his eyes, facing Song Ci's dirty little face.

Song Ci pursed his lips, pulled out of the pain just now, and laughed out loud!

"Those who scare him, who told him to lie to me just now, have not given me candy, of course I will bully him back!" Song Ci held the corner of his lips, no matter how he looked at it, he was a little reluctant.

Huo Mu's eyes were dark, he pinched her chin, and pulled her to her face.

"Xiaoci, I'll teach you how to grow up, how can I still not know you?"

"...Then you know, what are you asking me for?" Song Ci leaned back and fell on the back of the chair, looking at him innocently.

Huo Muchen's expression changed from cold as ice to helpless, he rubbed his forehead: "Pet, pet, he has pampered a little ancestor and raised a little wife!"

He sat back with his back straight, glanced sideways at Song Ci, and shouted, "Fasten your seat belt!"

"Oh." Song Ci put on the seat belt obediently, looked up and asked, "Where are we going?"

"go to eat."

Huo Mu murmured words, and led people straight to a restaurant in Hwaseong.

When we got to the place, Song Ci asked quietly again: "You see, I'm also injured now, can I have some snacks?"


It wasn't that Huo Mochen didn't let her eat snacks, nor did she stop drinking cold water, but that Song Ci had a bad stomach, and if she ate it, her stomach would be bad. If it was more serious, it would cause gastroenteritis again.

It took Huo Muchen twenty years to raise such a sweetheart, for fear of pain, fall, cold, or heat...

Only by his side can Huo Muchen feel at ease.

Song Ci is full of energy, bigger than a puffer fish.

"Eat well, and I will give you a surprise after eating."

Huo Muchen parked the car on both sides. He didn't want to take Song Ci out, but seeing that she was really bored, he came out to have a meal occasionally to make her happy.

Song Ci's eyes lit up when he heard this, and he jumped out of the car in a beautiful mood, which made Huo Muchen terrified.

"Be honest! If you jump around again, you'll go back to have a staff meal!" Huo Muchen said coldly.

Song Ci gritted his teeth and obediently walked beside Huo Muchen.

After Huo Muchen simply ordered light dishes, he passed the message on the phone to Song Ci.

"What's this?"

"Just look at it." Huo Mu said solemnly.

A trace of astonishment flashed across Song Ci's eyes. He looked down at the news and raised his eyebrows: "The person in charge of the Southern District project came to you to cooperate? But haven't they already asked Song Yanran to cooperate?"

"To please you, Mrs. Huo has a lot of face."

Huo Mu lowered his eyes and glanced at her, just in time for the dishes to enter.

Although it is light, it has a lot of nutrition, and it is completely in accordance with the habits of Song Ci. Everything is precise and unique, without any slight difference.

Song Ci frowned: "You mean that at the M&R celebration banquet last time, someone saw that I was at odds with the Song family, so they used the Southern District project to curry favor with you and took action against the Song family?"


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