Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 205

"Do you want me to make a move?"

Huo Mochen picked up some food for her, then handed over the disinfectant tissue, took her little hand and wiped it gently, every grain was so meticulous that it was spotless.

Song Ci was immersed in the question Huo Mochen asked, a little confused: "Will I...will affect you?"

Song Yanran's project in the South District is a loss-making project. If Song Yanran really uses Tangcheng's name to do it, then Tangcheng's reputation in Huacheng will plummet. But if Huo Muchen accepts the South District project, M&R will lose money. She has no reason to let her husband's money go to waste.

It's just that the partner of the project in the southern area really hit it off, and they could see that she and Song Yanran were at odds, and asked Huo Muchen to deal with her natal family himself!

"No, I just ask if you are willing or not." Huo Mu's voice was so calm that he was indifferent, his eyes were cold, and he put down her soft white hands.

"Don't! Firstly, it will affect your reputation. Secondly, the South District project is a trap! There is a problem with that piece of land, and the person in charge of the South District just wants to cheat you. I don't want you to take money in because of Tangcheng."

Song Ci raised his head, and calmly met Huo Mu's deep, bottomless pupils, his eyes were obviously worried.

She wanted to take back her mother's things with her own hands, but she didn't want to use the method of "hurting one thousand enemies, and eight hundred self-damages" in exchange for Tangcheng.

What's more, what she wants, she can get back with her own hands!

Huo Muchen raised his eyebrows: "Xiaoci, have I ever been famous?"

Song Ci didn't answer, but there was obvious admiration in his eyes, with a faint hint of ridicule.

She thought to herself, "Why not?

Cold and abstinent, the diamond king, the most popular dream lover in Huacheng..."

Don't flood the little vinegar jar!

"The person in charge of the project in the southern district just saw that I did nothing to save the Song family last time, and guessed that I wanted to marry you because I wanted shares in the Song family and Tangcheng." Huo Mu explained coldly, with the corners of his lips curled into a smile The radian of the non-smile, the noble eyebrows and eyes full of disdain: "Everyone in Huacheng believes that I only want shares in marrying you."


This is true!

Because more than one person has been warning her, even threatening her, using this excuse to make her leave Huo Mochen and get out of Huo's house!

"Xiaoci, I want to say, what I want is you, and the entire Tang family, will you be afraid, huh?" Huo Muchen stiffened his jaw line, tightly locked Song Ci's face.

"Don't be afraid, I believe you. Besides, Tang Cheng is my mother, and she is not by my side now, so I might as well put it in the hands of my husband." Song Ci raised his head proudly.

Hearing this, Huo Muchen's eyes were a bit cold and severe: "Silly girl, my reputation is not as good as you imagined."

"I don't have a good reputation either, it just so happens that we are a natural couple."

Song Ci raised his head, showing a bright little face, so cute.


Huo Muchen rolled his long arms around her shoulders, and patted her, his voice was subconsciously soft.

Silly girl, she thought of being with him.

"I'm not stupid."

Song Ci turned his eyelids up, and said to him, humming in his heart: "She is not stupid, at least she will be born again, Song Ci thinks that her vision is very good, and she can have such a good husband.

May I ask, which woman in Hwaseong has such a good vision, who can set the most low-key king in Hwaseong before she was born! "

If Huo Muchen heard her voice, he would probably chuckle and say to her silently in his heart: "He has excellent vision, and he is also excellent in picking wives. He has been cultivated since he was a child."

Huo Muchen hugged her for a while, then let her go and let her eat quietly.

He just leaned back lazily, staring intently, with a smile in his eyes: "The person in charge of the southern area project wants to curry favor with you. I will take action on the project, but not now."

"When was that?"

Song Ci bit the vegetable leaf, grunting.

"At least wait until the Southern District project is coming to an end, after the grandpa's birthday banquet." Huo Muchen half-closed his eyes, breathed darkly, and gently coaxed Song Ci to eat more from his throat, while analyzing the facts for her: "Southern District You can buy shares in district projects, leave this matter to me, and the Song family will not even let you go."

He can no longer bear her suffering a certain amount of harm!

"Well, don't go."

Song Ci nodded heavily.

After experiencing the last Hongmen Banquet, how dare Song Ci go back to the Song family so easily!

Even if she is reborn, some things cannot be controlled, she cannot guard against potential dangers, and because of her appearance, some trajectories have begun to change, Song Ci cannot guarantee whether some things will continue as before, step by step.

"Good." Huo Mushen ran his palm along her hair, and said in a low voice, "My Xiao Ci is very good."

"Is that..."

Before the words 'rewarded' came out of my mouth, I was locked tightly by the cold breath that suddenly fell from the air: "But Xiao Ci, who told you to rush over and block the knife for me!

You think I can't protect you, huh? "

Song Ci was stared at by the cold dark eyes and had nowhere to escape. A mouthful of vegetable leaves was stuck in his throat. He spat out cold words with tight lips.

For a moment, Song Ci seemed to see that all the snacks in the sky had grown wings and flew away with a flutter.

"No no."

Song Ci put down the fork, shook his head desperately, and spouted inarticulately: "My husband is the best and most outstanding man in Quanhua City! I didn't think you couldn't protect me, but I reacted naturally!

Husband, don't be angry, okay? "

Huo Mochen's unclean shirt was sprayed with a mouthful of vegetable leaves, and as Song Ci spoke, it continued!

The blue veins on his forehead throbbed fiercely, almost bursting out through the wheat-colored skin, sexy and wild.

"When eating, don't talk next time!" Huo Mu took a deep breath, resisting the urge to lift someone up and spank his buttocks: "Who taught you table manners!"

Song Ci: "...No one taught me."

Huo Mo Shen looked down at her pitifully, and immediately lowered the intensity of the accusation: "I will teach you from tomorrow!"

Immediately, he got up, went to the bathroom to clean his face, took off his shirt, took out his mobile phone from his suit pocket, and dialed the number, his voice was sharp and sullen: "Huaibei, take two sets of clothes to Dihuang In the restaurant, Xiaoci and I will wear clothes."

"Yes, President." Chu Huaibei said in time when Huo Muchen was about to hang up the phone: "President, the families who spoke rudely to their wife at the banquet last time were waiting at the door of M&R. It is estimated that they will not wait until you arrive." will go."

Huo Mu narrowed his dark eyes slightly, looked up at the dark cloud-covered sky outside, and said in a loud voice: "Then let them wait first, if they are not sincere, they can leave anytime and anywhere."


"Also, don't let them set foot in M&R!"

As soon as the voice fell, a thunderous thunder sounded from outside the window and was transmitted directly to the other side of the phone.

Seeing the dark sky, it was like a big palm ripping open their chests, and then ripping out their hearts from it.

Chu Huaibei raised the corners of his lips, and heard the beeping sound of the phone hanging up, accompanied by rumbling thunder, piercing his eardrums.


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