Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 206

Huo Mochen threw the phone into his pocket, and the moment he opened the door from the bathroom, a flash of lightning as white as the sun reflected into the man's dark and treacherous eyes.

Song Ci turned his head and saw the man's handsome facial features showing a slight air of coldness.

His deep voice came over: "Eat slowly, wait for Huaibei to bring over the clothes and change before leaving."

Song Ci straightened his body, looked up suspiciously at Huo Muchen who was in a good mood.

When his eyes fell on his dark eyes, Song Ci's eyelids twitched violently, and his fair cheeks rose dozens of degrees in an instant.

The blood-stained shirt on Huo Mchen's chest was unbuttoned, revealing a large area of strong chest. The shirt sprayed with vegetable leaves was pushed to the sides, and loosely tucked from the waist to the sides. The black tie followed the suit jacket Leaning in the man's arms, he stretched his slender legs so that the revealing chest was getting closer and closer to her.

Every time he took a step, Song Ci's breathing became heavier, and he couldn't help swallowing the last bite of meat in his mouth.

She watched Huo Muchen's scorching eyes sweep over her, and couldn't help but think of Huo Muchen putting her on the mattress and kneading her, and every time she had to put on his shirt afterward.

In an instant, Song Ci seemed to be able to smell every inch of his skin, even down to the strands of his hair, the breath of a man with clear eyes, and he could feel Huo Mu's wild and unruly aura...

Feeling that his face was still heating up, even the breath he exhaled burned the tip of his nose.

Song Ci turned around abruptly, averted his gaze forcefully, his neck was so stiff that he almost twisted into a stiff neck.

She ate the food with her head down, never raising her head, took a deep breath, and said silently: "Eat...whatever you eat, my husband will be full after eating, okay?"

Huo Mochen licked the back of his teeth, stared at Song Ci with deep eyes and lowered his head for a moment, then crossed his long legs across from her and sat on the sofa.

He sat down casually and lazily, crossed his legs, and leaned his elbows on the glass coffee table.

"Xiaoci, look up."

He stared coldly at Song Ci's face that almost buried his head in the plate, his brows furrowed even deeper.

Where Song Ci dared to raise her head, she felt a scorching hot and cold wind blowing across her face, putting her in a world of ice and fire. She bit her back and slowly lowered her aura, Can't wait to go straight from the cat to under the table.

"Aren't you going to look up and wait for me to lift your face out of the plate?" Huo Mu said in a low voice.

Song Ci was resentful, not daring not to raise her head, she slowly lifted her head up, and she could see the man's sexy chest again, the impactful picture made her eyes shrink in shock, and the delicate brows unconsciously tightened.

Her voice was a little hoarse: "Why don't you come out without clothes?"

"Seduce my Xiaoci, huh?"

Huo Muchen didn't tease her at first, but seeing her shy look, he got up again and lifted Song Ci, who didn't dare to lift his head, from the seat to the sofa, and hugged her on his lap.

"Don't you dare to look at me? Why didn't you lose your courage when you rushed out to block me?" Huo Muchen said in a low voice.

have to--

Huo Mchen couldn't get past this stalk!

"It's different. You have injuries on your body, but you can't hurt me." Song Ci bit his tongue as soon as he blurted out.

"Hehe..." Huo Mu smiled lowly, and the smile that spread from the depths of his chest reached the corner of her lips, and kissed her: "Mrs. Huo, are you dissatisfied?"

Song Ci seemed to be an ostrich. Huo Muchen put his injured arm on his shoulder, and his small face was directly buried in Huo Muchen's neck.

The burning air with a sweet fragrance moved the man's figure along the neck little by little.

Huo Muchen's eyes were dark, his body trembled almost invisibly, and he clasped her waist almost instantly and buckled her into his arms. His voice was as mellow and drunk as wine: "Mrs. Huo, it's okay to hurt you." of."

"I am me……"

"Well, it's you."


Song Ci has seen her husband's godlike appearance for so long, but he is still not immune.

Huo Muchen's fingertips rubbed her delicate waist from her hem, found her soft lips, and entangled them for kisses.

Song Ci pressed closer to his hot chest, and his scorching temperature directly pulled her nerves.


"Boom boom boom!"

There was a knock on the door, and Song Ci suddenly came back to his senses, only to find that her buttons were unbuttoned by Huo Muchen's slender fingers at some point, half of her shoulders were exposed, and she almost met Huo Muchen sincerely, with her legs straddling him. On both sides, they were looking at Huo Muchen with eyes that seemed to be smiling but not smiling.

Song Ci's face flushed, and he felt the heat under his nose for a moment, and some warm liquid flowed out of his nostrils.

As soon as she bent down, "Pa-ta, pa-ta", two drops of bright red nosebleed fell into the clothes.

"President, I brought you and your wife's clothes."

As soon as Chu Huaibei knocked on the door, the door was not closed tightly when the food was served just now, so he just pushed it open with very light force.


Cold wind poured in from the corridor, and the door was opened violently!

In an instant, Huo Muchen hugged her and turned around, leaving his muscular back to the door!

And Song Ci happened to meet Chu Huaibei's eyes!

She and Huo Muchen were sitting together, hugging each other, and they were all seen to the fullest!

Song Ci 囧!

A capitalized close-up of 囧 is written all over the face!

Her elegant little face was full of sneering, her eyes were dull for a few seconds and she looked out the door, staying in the north of Chuhuai where the wind was turbulent, then buried her head down again, and went straight into Huo Muchen's arms, wishing she could Get in.

"Don't move, Xiaoci, I can't help rubbing you into my bones and blood." Huo Mu's voice was hoarse and cold, and his heart was so hard that Song Ci's nosebleeds made him soft. Burned soft by her.

His lingering gaze was filled with coldness the moment he raised his head, and he shot at Chu Huaibei from the corner of his eye.

"Have you seen enough?"


"You don't want your eyes anymore?"

think about it!

Chu Huaibei was holding two pockets, standing at the door, looking at this... The picture, the most important thing is that there are two balls of nosebleeds hanging under his wife's nose...

But it was only a few seconds before he was locked by Huo Mochen's eyes.


Hearing Chu Huaibei's obviously stuttering voice, Song Ci felt even more embarrassed, and couldn't lift a little bit of strength in his body, so he could only hook his big palm and long fingers, and said softly, "Let him go out!"

They almost went live!

Huo Muchen looked at Song Ci's small face that was very close to him, and his deep black eyes burst into turbulent waves, which became even colder and deeper in Chu Huaibei's unqualified figure.

In the depths of his pupils, flames spread freely at this moment.

"Get out!"

"Yes, yes, President, I'm going out right away!"

Chu Huaibei came back to his senses completely, put down his clothes bag, and ran out after missing a word, not forgetting to close the door tightly.

The room was quiet, with a warm and ambiguous atmosphere.

Song Ci grabbed his arm suddenly, and her cut off breathing gradually calmed down, making her eyebrows on Bai Jie's forehead slightly loosen.

"Homochen, I have a nosebleed."

She raised her hand to wipe it, and looked down to see that her palms were covered with nosebleeds, but she couldn't feel anything.


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