Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 207

"Well, I know."

The man's voice is pleasant.

There is a hint of ridicule.

An abnormal flush appeared on Song Ci's face, and his pupils were hazy from the mist.

She complained, "Husband, you seem to be very happy and want to laugh."

Huo Mochen did indeed smile.

Laughed very unkindly.

Song Ci's face collapsed, his chin was lifted suddenly, and he looked up at Huo Muchen, and the nosebleed also stopped.

A strong bloody smell spread in his throat, Song Ci coughed twice, and his cheeks were pinched again!

"Open your mouth."

Song Ci opened his swollen lips and breathed out.

Huo Mu frowned deeply, and put an arm around Song Ci: "Hold me."

Song Ci suddenly lost weight, hugged Huo Muchen nervously, and went into the sink.

Huo Mushen patted the cold water on the top of his head: "Hehe, what a careless little thing."

"Who can stand up to your teasing?" Song Ci was reprimanded for half a sentence, and immediately refuted dissatisfied.

"Who else have I teased?"

The warmth and heat from the neck was transmitted to her nerves in an instant.

The hot feeling in Song Ci's heart did not dissipate, and the nosebleeds also gushed out.

In addition to the nosebleed, there is also a picture of fireworks blooming in the mind, like an electric current rushing across the apex of the heart, spreading to the numbness of the blood.

The heartbeat was unbelievably fast.

Huo Mochen supported her limp body with his arms, and when he touched her cheek with his palm, he found that it was hot again, and the nosebleeds flowed even more. He couldn't help but smile: "Mrs. Huo, are you so careless?"

"It was too hot for me in summer, too hot...the fire was big."

"I always thought that Xiao Ci was made of water, after all, the body is so soft." Huo Muchen suddenly patted her forehead with colder water, making her neck lift up.

Song Ci held his breath subconsciously, and the nosebleed gradually stopped.


The pain in his waist was getting worse and worse, Song Ci subconsciously leaned towards the mirror behind the sink, with innocent eyes wide open, a lot of water mist appeared in his eyes, looking at the slender waist that was pinched again: "Huo Mu Shen, I hurt~"

Huo Muchen pursed his crimson lips, looked at Song Ci's aggrieved expression, frowned, and gritted his teeth: "It really hurts?"


Song Ci frowned.

Their breath is audible.

Outside the window was the sound of pattering rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, but it made the two of them in the bathroom of the private room get closer.

Song Ci rubbed his waist back again.

"If you move again, you won't go out tonight."

"There is no place to sleep here." Song Ci found a lame excuse, trying to defeat Huo Muchen.

Huo Muchen stood there, smiling instead of angry: "Xiao Ci forgot where this is?"

"Emperor Phoenix Restaurant."

Huo Muchen looked at Song Ci, his low and mellow voice tugged at the strings of his heart: "Did you forget that this is also one of the betrothal gifts I gave you in the marriage certificate?"


Song Ci's eyes widened, and he wowed: "You said this is mine?"

"Well, yours." Huo Muchen did not tell Song Ci that all the assets under his name belonged to Song Ci. Even though the shares of the Huo family had not yet been transferred to Song Ci, Huo Muchen had already prepared the shares With the transfer letter, all the shares can be assigned to Xiaoci's name when everything is ready.

Song Ci bit his inner lip with his white teeth.

For the dowry gift from Huo's family, Song Ci insisted on it!

She found out that the Huo family took her dowry but did not give it to Huo Muchen, so the dowry given to her by the Huo family would be taken and dedicated to her husband!

"Huo Muchen, is this your own property or the Huo family's property?"

"My own. What the Huo family gave you are shares and real estate." Huo Muchen didn't shy away from talking about this matter, he raised his hand and grabbed her wrist, pitifully rubbing Song Ci's butt all the way from the sink to the edge of the water platform. Picking up people: "Shares and real estate, the Huo family hasn't given you the share power of attorney yet."


The Huo family wants to be an empty-handed white wolf!

Huo Muchen said again: "When I go back to Huo's house this time, I will take back everything that belongs to you!"

Song Ci asked: "Then you didn't receive the dowry that the Song family gave to the Huo family, nor did I give you the dowry. The Huo family is..."

"The Huo family has always paid attention to interests." Huo Muchen's words were full of chills: "I will have to work hard for my family when I go back to the birthday banquet."

Song Ci shook his head: "It's not hard, as long as I can be with you, I'm not afraid of anything, not to mention, the Huo family took our things and didn't return them to me, they are bastards!"

"Well, you are not allowed to swear." Huo Muchen reprimanded lightly.

At the end, he added: "If you don't like it, just do it directly.

Mrs. Huo Mochen, I said that I don't need to look at anyone's face. "

Song Ci: "..."

Well, boss, you are more brutal!

Huo Muchen looked at Chu Huaibei's bag on the ground, picked it up with one hand, and asked Song Ci to sit on the sofa and wear it slowly.

Chu Huaibei was in a hurry to come out, the suit he took for Song Ci was simply... soft and cute girl paper.

And Huo Mochen has always been in a black suit, black trousers, and black tie, and he is aggressive and aggressive.

"Assistant Chu has been too careless with the facts recently." Song Ci complained: "Why are you in a suit and trousers? Mine doesn't match your suit. It's completely a lolita girl. When will I be able to do that?" Possess the aura of Yujie like Xiaojiu!"

Song Ci was born with a baby face, and wearing it made him look even more cuddly.

"In this life, you can't have it anymore."


"Xiao Jiu was not protected before, but you have been protected by me." Huo Muchen took her hand and walked out of the restaurant.

Song Ci raised his eyebrows, the corner of his lips pulled his lower lip, and muttered: "That's not it!"

Huo Muchen put one hand in his pocket, stopped his long steps, and turned his head with a half smile but not a smile: "Xiaoci, although I can't give you the world, I will pamper you and love you..."

He is reticent, and Song Ci is often talkative, which happens to complement Huo Muchen.

They are made in heaven!

"In marriage, we are all beginners. You know I can't do without you. Don't do things that make yourself dangerous, huh?"

"I can't do without you.

We all study hard. "

Speaking of which, even after being reborn, Song Ci did not live an ordinary life with Huo Muchen, they were always noisy.

She was angry with Huo Mochen, and Huo Mochen hated her!

But it is this kind of day that makes Song Ci feel extra real. Life is full of bumps and bumps, but sometimes the noisier it is, the more emotional it is!

Isn't life all about being happy when you are noisy and happy when you are watching quietly?

"Xiaoci, you are unique in the world, and you don't need to compare yourself with anyone." Huo Mochen didn't flirt easily, the kind that flirting with others would cost his life: "I like what you are."

"Pfft!" Song Ci's nose was sour, he almost burst out laughing, and raised his head to ask, "Mr. Huo, when did you become so unprincipled?"

"You are my bottom line." Huo Mochen pinched her nose and pulled her away.

Song Ci followed his footsteps closely, and said seriously: "I won't compare myself with others."

From now on, she only compares herself with herself, works hard, progresses and becomes a tree side by side with Huo Mochen.


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