Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 208

The two talked about work on the AK while walking along the way.

Huo Muchen found out that Song Ci knew the E-star project very well, so he directly poked his heart.

After listening to Song Ci's suggestion, Huo Muchen smiled: "You are really my little one, you know everything I think."

Song Ci laughed awkwardly.

How did she know, it was Huo Muchen's idea, she moved out, and made fun of her in front of her husband.

Song Ci chatted a few more words about Jiang Jiu and Chi Ye.

Jiang Jiu, who works at M&R, just sneezed twice in a row.

She rubbed her nose, looked at the brat next to her, and squinted her eyes: "You scolded me?"

Qiqi licked the lollipop: "Ah Jiu, how dare I scold you? Besides, scolding you is a waste of my tongue!"

"Don't be complacent. If you dare to hate me again, I'll send you to Uncle Huo and let him beat you up." Anyway, Jiang Jiu knew that Huo Muchen didn't like his son very much. If it wasn't his own, It is estimated that he will be taught a lot, just loosen this kid's skin and let him run to Chi Ye by himself!

"If you let Uncle Huo beat me up, I'll let Uncle Huo's wife beat him up!" Qiqi's voice was cute and cute, showing a fierce grimace.

"Cut!" Jiang Jiu looked at him, generally admonishing his son seriously: "When your Auntie Xiao Ci comes over later, don't let her see your lollipop."

Jiang Jiu couldn't imagine that a third sister-in-law who was desperate for candy, seeing Qiqi eating snacks in front of her, would make Song Ci greedy?

Jiang Jiu seemed to be able to see her son's ass blooming miserable!

"Why?" Qiqi's two short legs drooped in the air, dangling back and forth.

Jiang Jiu looked at his son's fair and tender face, hugged him from the stool to his lap, and kissed him on the forehead: "Your Auntie Xiaoci is too strictly controlled by Uncle Huo, even a lollipop If you've never eaten, if she sees you, you might be robbed of all your bags, and even be spanked by Uncle Huo!"

Hearing this, Qi Qi covered her butt, chewed the lollipop into pieces and swallowed it, leaving only a plastic stick: "Don't worry, Ah Jiu, I will definitely protect my little butt."

"Well, good son." Jiang Jiu boasted and threw his son down, casually said: "You can find something to play by yourself, I still have a job, I don't have time to care about you."

Qiqi: "..."

Why does his little head think that Ah Jiu is worried that he will be scolded by Uncle Huo, so he pushes him out!

Say Cao Cao, and Cao Cao will arrive.

Huo Muchen took Song Ci to park the car downstairs until the entrance of M&R.

The windows of the car were pierced by rain, and the sound of thunder mixed with lightning came into view.

Song Ci watched the raindrops hit the glass window through the car window, turned his head and looked at Huo Mochen: "Why don't you just park at the parking lot, but here?"

Huo Mu looked sideways at her: "Enjoy the rain."

Appreciate the rain?

Song Ci pursed his lips and watched as Huo Muchen turned the steering wheel, and parked next to M&R Yuta almost exactly. As long as Song Ci opened the door, he would go in directly.

"You are here to enjoy the rain, and I go inside to work?"

Su Xuening entrusted her with the design task and the core project of E-star, Song Ci didn't want Su Xuening to succeed, so he had to work hard.

"Accompany me."

Huo Mochen stared at her stubbornly.

"I still have a job."

Song Ci said sadly.

"I'll accompany you to do it. The AK project requires me to see it. She doesn't have the capital to make things difficult for you." Huo Mochen turned on the wiper to make her field of view wider, allowing her to see more clearly.

The rain is getting heavier.

Hwaseong is like this. One second before June, the sun is shining brightly, and the next second may be heavy rain.

Now, hail falls to the ground.

Da da da!

One after another, nail-sized hailstones hit the roof of the car, and the sound reached my ears one after another.

Huo Mochen saw through the car window not far away several high-level family members who were drowned even though they were holding umbrellas, and squinted their eyes half-closed.

"Xiao Ci, look."

Huo Mu raised his chin slightly, signaling Song Ci to look not far away from me.

Song Ci followed his voice and looked not far away, blinking black and white eyes, staring puzzledly at the group of black people standing upright in the hailstone, but still not moving, couldn't help asking: " What are they trying to do standing in front of the M&R?"

"Apologize to you."

Huo Muchen only let her take a look, then held her chin, forcing her to turn her head to meet his dark and deep eyes.

"They?" Song Ci suddenly remembered that the media had announced several bankruptcies in succession this morning, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly: "Honey, were you responsible for the bankruptcy of their family?"

"No, it's a business strategy." Huo Muchen lowered his head and kissed the corner of her lips: "Do you think I'm cruel?"

"Huo Muchen, you seem to be very afraid that I will think you are bad." Song Ci rested his chin on his palm and looked at him innocently: "They bullied me, why can't we fight back? Husband, I think you did a good job That's right, to deal with a group of little sluts, how long will it take if you don't buy them!"

Huo Mochen used to be engaged in business warfare, and charged high profits for intermediate projects. Therefore, M&R is almost a necessary partner for the cooperation of various companies. Others can only please him, and Huo Mochen has never bowed his head!

"Well, M&R's business territory needs to be expanded." Huo Mu explained in a low voice: "I didn't want to do it so soon, at least I have to wait until M&R takes action on Huo's before buying Huo's peripheral cooperative companies, but...they messed up me."

Song Ci pursed his lips: "We have never been wrong in this matter! They bet that I was the one who cheated, and since they made the bet, they are willing to admit defeat!"

In fact, not only did she not feel that Huo Muchen was wrong, but she wanted to praise Huo Muchen from the bottom of her heart!

Husband, so handsome, so handsome!

"Husband, are you an angry girl?" Song Ci stepped forward and teased lightly.

Huo Muchen pinched the twitch of her cheeks: "No, you are not a beauty."


Song Ci watched Huo Muchen's eyes slightly raised, and immediately understood: "Huo Muchen is doing it for fun, hurting his wife, cheating on his wife, and playing tricks on his wife!"

"I'll move the car over there." Huo Mochen pulled the engine, ignited it, and drove closer to them amidst the thunder and hail, watching them quietly.


In heavy rain.

People from several families became impatient.

"Young Master Huo asked us to wait outside the door, what exactly does it mean?"

"We can't just stand in the hail all the time."

Several families sent their assistants forward.

It's just that the footsteps have just stepped on the M&R marble floor, and before the footsteps are stepped on, a low-key Phantom flicks straight towards it, and the rainwater that was originally accumulated on the ground is directly splashed.

In an instant, several assistants staggered back in unison and fell into the puddle.

And the people of several families were not much better, and the rain was so heavy that it splashed all over them!

Chu Huaibei came out with an umbrella, and warned with a blank face, "Didn't you hear that M&R prohibits outsiders from entering?"


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