Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 209

"We've all been waiting here for so long, and we don't know when we'll see Mr. Huo!" The speaker was obviously sullen and angry. He was also an old man in the business circle, and a junior put on airs in front of them!

Chu Huaibei adhered to the principle of 'teaching them can make his wife feel comfortable', and said with a smile: "Young Master Huo has no time to see you just yet."

"When will it be?" The man who was nearly fifty years old was dressed in a suit, but he was thrown into a mess, his bones trembling in the wind.

Behind them are the ladies who had offended Song Ci before, all of them came to see Huo Muchen dressed up beautifully, but they couldn't leave due to the hailstorm, and their exquisite makeup turned into panda faces.

Chu Huaibei stared at them thoughtfully for a while before slowly opening his mouth: "Oh, Mr. Huo has to work during the day, do the E-star project, and spend time with his wife at night. I'm afraid I'll wait until we have a schedule to see you, next month Bar."

"What next month!"

"M&R is just a junior, and other companies will sell us three points of face. M&R is just going public with an E-star project?" One of the bosses said disdainfully.

"Aren't you afraid of offending the whole circle at the same time?" Some people satirized, and some people followed suit, and began to resist bombarding M&R.

Hearing this, Chu Huaibei took a step back, just standing under the rain, looking coldly at the group of people who were shivering from the cold but refused to leave.

"Since you and others feel that there is a problem with M&R, there is no need to wait."

As Huo Muchen's personal assistant, Chu Huaibei is used to seeing many presidents who rely on the old to sell the old, but this is the first time I have seen so many presidents of small companies who are brave enough to sell three cents in the face of a huge M&R.

The boss who was choked by Chu Huaibei let out a cold breath from his nasal cavity: "M&R will continue to cooperate with several of our companies in the future, but it is because of a woman that it will damage its own future!"

Someone immediately followed up and said, "We all have connections in Hwaseong, and for a Song Ci, we openly opposed our family and caused mutual damage. What good is there!"

Chu Huaibei put on an elite spirit and seriously analyzed with them: "I think some of you made a mistake, it was M&R that made the companies go bankrupt, rather than M&R seeking cooperation with you, and all resources after bankruptcy will be used by M&R.

M&R has nothing to lose. "

Everyone: "..."

Their hearts are cooler than rain.

Chu Huaibei said again: "Everyone is here to beg for M&R, we Mr. Huo said that we must at least show sincerity.

At that time, several daughters boasted in front of everyone that if they said something wrong, they would be dealt with by M&R. Since everyone said something wrong, of course they would face punishment. "

"Just for a woman?"

"You should speak with respect. My wife is now a hero of M&R, and Tangcheng is more powerful than everyone here. Don't you think selling three-point thin noodles is a bit unnecessary?"

Chu Huaibei said neither yin nor yang.

That tone is to say: "Everyone is here to beg M&R, even go to the door of M&R to show off, and dare to slander Song Ci, they are looking for death!"

"Then how can Mr. Huo meet us?"

Their bodies were shaking like they were sifting chaff. They were all old, and if they were drenched in the rain, they would die sooner or later!

"When you ask for help, you must have the attitude of asking for help."

"It's just a joke among girls, it's an unintentional mistake."

They all retreated and bowed their heads, because every minute of delay, part of the shares would evaporate, and that was all money lost!

But Huo Mochen didn't see them for so long, he was just playing with them!

And their daughter also said that it was Mrs. Huo who was jealous of them, and there was a little quarrel at the banquet, which made Mrs. Huo jealous, so she attacked them!

"Our CEO is Mrs. Pet, if you don't want to show your sincerity, then forget it!" Chu Huaibei turned to leave, but was grabbed by one of them, his cold hands grabbed the corner of Chu Huaibei's clothes, his fat fingers were like toads Lie on your feet.

"It's okay for us to show our sincerity, but we must always tell us. Now that we can't even see anyone, how can we show our sincerity to Mr. Huo?"

Chu Huaibei raised his eyebrows: "Boss Huo dotes on his wife the most, the few daughters have offended her."

The hint was too obvious, and the men looked back at their daughter who was shivering from the wind and rain, but they couldn't do anything!

"What does Mr. Huo mean?"

Chu Huaibei just nodded with a smile and didn't speak.

...Not far away, the car is warm and eloquent.

The corners of Huo Muchen's lips curled up, he squeezed Song Ci's little hand, and dialed the phone.

"Hey, third brother!" Lu Ziyan said.

"Manipulate the stock market and buy them directly." Huo Mo said coldly.

Hearing this, Lu Ziyan's blood was filled with excitement: "Okay, third brother, I'll just wait for your words. Buying them will directly open several industrial chains."


After Huo Muchen hung up the phone, Song Ci's teasing voice came from the side: "Mr. Huo is so generous, he must buy if he says buy, he must be very rich, but he is so stingy that his wife can't even spend half a million yuan. !"

"Angry?" Huo Mochen looked sideways at the cute and ridiculous appearance of a certain little woman, rolled Song Ci over with his long arms, and rubbed her soft lips with his fingertips: "You also like their company ?”

"I don't even have a company?" Song Ci hummed, thinking in his heart: "Loss, loss, what a loss, I should go to the supermarket to customize a cake for Huo Mochen. If he doesn't like it, she can still continue Eat, I am really penniless now."

Seeing Song Ci drooping eyebrows and eyes, Huo Muchen twitched his face twice, and said with a light smile: "Have me, let you own Hwaseong, how about it?"

The deep and hoarse voice rolled into Song Ci's eardrums, making Song Ci tremble all over.

She subconsciously wanted to step back, but the man held her mouth shut, and saw Huo Mu's stern, stern and graceful face getting closer and closer, until after a breath, his bewitching voice came over: "Give birth to a child!" Give it to me, I will carry you and walk in Hwaseong!"

Song Ci blinked his black and white eyes, and found a thick black possessiveness in Huo Muchen's eyes, as if he saw another scene: she had a big belly, and she was carried away by Huo Muchen in Hwaseong.

She couldn't help smiling: "Then I have two children, can I ride you?"

Hearing this, the man's eyes were fixed on Song Ci who was teasing him for a moment, and a few seconds later, his sexy and mellow voice mixed with softness: "Xiao Ci wants to be on top... At home, I will let you ride every day."

at home?

Still every day?

Song Ci pouted dissatisfiedly, and could feel the temperature on her cheeks rising by at least ten degrees, almost burning her entire face red.

Huo Mu stared at her lightly drawn face, the corners of his lips curled unconsciously, his eyelids lowered slightly, and he reached out to take off the black suit on his body.

"You... what do you want to do?"

"Come here! Don't get close to the glass, do you want to catch a cold or hit me!" Huo Mu frowned deeply, because there was not much space in the car, and he had long arms, so he could easily lift Song Ci who was clinging to the window into his arms inside.


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