Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 210

"Huo Muchen, this is the door, they are all watching!"

Huo Mu stared silently at Song Ci's fair and flawless face.

Song Ci covered her slender and thick eyelashes, looking from top to bottom, she could hardly see the light in her eyes, but could see the eyelashes trembling violently.

He put his suit jacket on Song Ci.

Song Ci's body exuded a faint fragrance, the fragrance of gardenia, as her hair stuck to her nose wing, it gradually entered Huo Muchen's breath, like a bewitching poison.

Huo Mochen liked it very much, even obsessed with it.

He is really addicted to Xiaoci.

Song Ci was wrapped in a large black suit, and with a bang, the car door opened.

A ray of sunlight squeezed in through the seam of the car.

"Has the rain stopped?"

"Well, stop."

Huo Mu looked at her long and deeply, like a whirlpool with strong adsorption force, sucking people into his eyes.

Song Ci leaned back again: "The rain has stopped, we should go back to work, and we can enjoy it if there is no rain."

"You don't want the company, I'll give it to you."

Huo Mochen got off the main driver's seat, took the man out of the co-pilot in full view, and walked towards M&R with his arms in his arms.

"Young Master Huo, wait!"

"Huo Shao, what is there to discuss? Our company can provide cooperation channels. What does it mean to directly declare us bankrupt?"

Several urgent voices came from behind.

Before they took a few steps closer to Huo Mochen, they were suddenly blocked by the black-clothed bodyguards!

Huo Muchen put Song Ci down, hugged him and turned around slowly, his thin lips were tense, "What cooperation channels can you give me?"

"As long as Huo Shao says, we will try our best to provide it."

They wanted to put some airs on M&R just now, but the company's legal department directly notified them that M&R came to buy them, and all the shares had fallen to the lowest level. But now, everyone in Hwaseong knows that M&R personally did the bankruptcy of their company.

Except for M&R, no one dared to rescue them, and even the banks would not provide them with a single transfer of funds.

Huo Mochen was driving them to a corner, leaving them no chance of survival at all!

"Xiaoci, what do you want?"

Huo Muchen completely ignored their begging for mercy, but just lowered his head and asked the woman in his arms softly.

Song Ci's eyes were full of inquiry, and she didn't understand that the companies in front of her came to beg for mercy.

Huo Mochen's low voice came from beside his ear: "It's just some low-end companies."

The bosses almost died of anger when they heard such words.

Huo Mchen's pen is too big, and he bought five companies at the same time.

There was a hint of worry in Song Ci's eyes, would he be retaliated by them?

"They won't, and dare not, hurt you."

Huo Muchen always seemed to be able to see through her thoughts, and solved Song Ci's worries in one word.

Hearing this, all the worries in Song Ci's heart dissipated, and he looked up at the bosses who were shivering from the cold, and said lightly: "The few Ling Qianjin humiliated me first, and there were videos in the hotel to record and praised Haikou. , why don’t you go back and see how a few educated daughters humiliated me? Then see if there is any need to ask for M&R?”


Several people looked at each other, then turned their heads and glared at their daughter angrily.

"Is there any such thing as what Mrs. Huo said?"

At that time, the video of the hotel was not released, and they all came after listening to their daughter's "one-sided opinion".

"Didn't you say Mrs. Huo was out of jealousy..."

One of the bosses stared at them with fire-spitting eyes, no wonder M&R chased them to kill them, pointing at their wives' noses to scold them, it would be great if Huo Mu sank so that they could not see the sun the next day!

They actually had the courage to challenge Huo Mochen just now!

Who didn't know, Huo Mu became so cruel that he even attacked his own family members!

He dotes on Song Ci so much, it's not that he didn't let the Song family go, this man wants to protect him, if he provokes him, he will drive them to death!

When he thought of this, he felt trembling in his heart.

So, just now, Huo Muchen was there all the time, and he took Song Ci to sit in the car and watched them being hit by hailstones in the rain, just to vent his anger on Song Ci, but he never thought of letting them go!

He strung everything together, held his breath in his chest, almost didn't come up, and passed out directly!

What he can think of, others can think of too.

Another one couldn't control the anger in his heart, so he slapped him with a 'slap'.

"Bastard, it's not good for you to offend anyone. You have to provoke Mrs. Huo!"

"You also said that Mrs. Huo just had a little quarrel with you!"

Several celebrities did not expect such a scene.

"Dad, didn't you come here to help me get justice?"

The woman was hit on the side of the head, and she stared back unwillingly, but since everyone was present, they could only dare not speak out!


Even if you dare to provoke Mrs. Huo, do you still need me to seek justice for you? "

After the man finished speaking, he immediately apologized to Huo Muchen and Song Ci: "Young Master Huo, Mrs. Huo, it's all our fault. No matter what you ask, we will agree."

Huo Muchen's lazy brows and eyes raised slightly, his cold eyes swept over them, and he hummed disdainfully from his throat: "What else can you show?"

"This..." They just wanted to talk about the shares, but they immediately realized that the shares in their hands had turned into a pile of waste paper, and their faces turned pale, and they could only look at Song Ci pleadingly: "Mrs. What do you want? You can ask for anything, I will give my daughter to Mrs. Huo, and you can punish me as you like, as long as you let our family go. "

It doesn't hurt to lose a daughter. Every family has a son to inherit the family business, but if the company is gone, it will be gone completely.

Song Ci leaned back and shrank into Huo Mochen's arms, with a sarcastic tone: "What do I want your daughter to do? To lure wolves into the house, or do you want to use your daughter to seduce Huo Mochen to save your company."

"No, Mrs. Huo."

Men are simply speechless.

Song Ci is also a poisonous mouth, and he simply doesn't give them a way out!

"Since it's not, then what do I want them to do?"

"But apart from these... we can only give these." He thought that as long as Song Ci vented his anger, he would please some words, such a little woman was just attached to Huo Muchen, so she could be fooled and deceived.

Coaxing Song Ci is equivalent to coaxing Huo Muchen!

But, but...!

Song Ci is also fucking not easy to deceive, he is as shrewd as Huo Muchen!

"That's your business, you can't get anything out, and you still negotiate with us? Do you think I'm too stupid, or do you think M&R is easy to bully!"

Several people:"……"

They didn't think that Huo Muchen was easy to bully, it was obviously Huo Muchen who attacked them!

And they also felt that Huo Mochen was so ruthless that he didn't even give them the slightest chance to let them go bankrupt in the business field!

"We've all been waiting at the door for so long, and we were hit by hail... It's sincere enough."

A few people are desperate, and there is no other way to say that.


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