Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 211

Song Ci smiled slightly: "Everyone is a veteran in the business field, so it's not like you don't have any vision at all.

You stood at the door for a long time, but you didn't see my husband and I come out, so you knew we didn't want to see you at all!

We didn't ask you to stand and wait for me at the door, it's your own willingness, it's none of our business! "

Looking at their ashen faces, Song Ci said again: "Don't think that what you pay, others will pay you back, my husband and I don't owe you anything!

There is no rule, as long as you beg me, I will let you go! "


The man's lips were trembling, but he only said two words in one sentence, and Song Ci snatched it away!

"You'd better go back and drink a bowl of ginger soup, or you will suffer from a stroke." Song Ci put on a smile of "for your sake", and said to them calmly: "In case you can only In a wheelchair, you don't see your grandkids anymore."

"... Mrs. Huo..."

"Well, I'm listening."

After saying this sentence, Song Ci buried his face in Huo Muchen's chest, as if looking at it one more time, his eyes hurt.

From their looks, Song Ci knew that they had nothing to offer, and they didn't have any capital to negotiate with Huo Mochen, so they could only start with her. Maybe they were thinking in their hearts: "Song Ci is just a twenty-year-old girl. It's so tricky and coaxing, maybe you can coax Huo Muchen to let them go, maybe you can play her around and get some benefits from it."

"It's just a small matter. It will bankrupt our company and it will not be good for M&R's reputation."

Huo Mochen looked at the man who spoke coldly, exuding a cold hostility all over his body: "M&R needs fame?"

Don't you need it?

Song Ci frowned, and showed a fair face in Huo Muchen's arms. Looking at them, he blinked and smiled like a mischievous child: "I look like I have a face that is easy to bully?"


"Or, do you think we look like famous people?"

Song Ci asked again.


"Don't you think you're wasting our time by standing here talking? My husband's time is extremely precious every day, tens of millions per minute. If you delay any longer, I don't mind asking you to pay and beg for mercy."


Song Ci blocked their begging for mercy.

A few people were confused, feeling like they could be pissed off anytime, anywhere!

"Xiaoci, let's go."

Huo Muchen hardly talked nonsense with them, but just looked at Song Ci dotingly.

What she does represents his.

Song Ci's cold cheeks turned blushing the instant he turned around, and the corners of his lips raised, "Okay, husband."

Be as sweet as you want!

Huo Mochen simply loves her obedient and cute way of protecting her shortcomings!

He tensed the corners of his lips, and pulled her to walk upstairs.

Everyone was soaked, and their clothes were still dripping with water, so they could only watch them leave.

What Song Ci said just now, begging for mercy will waste their time, and they will also be charged!

This is fucking logic!

Are they shameless begging for mercy in the rain?

Several people were aggrieved. They all put down their dignity and begged M&R to do them a favor, but Huo Mochen didn't even save any face!

This is to plan not to see each other again in the future!

"Since M&R is ruthless, there's no need for them to rush to beg for mercy!

He's just a junior, but he dares to confront us with so many seniors! I don't believe that M&R is capable enough to bankrupt us all overnight! "

M&R is now only using commercial means to suppress their shares, turning their shares into a pile of waste paper, but it doesn't mean that M&R can really buy them completely!

As long as they firmly grasp the shares in their hands, they would rather let the shares become waste paper than give it to M&R. See how M&R has plenty of time to spend with them!

Chu Huaibei shrewdly saw through their thoughts, and reminded with a smile: "M&R spends some time with you, and also has money and resources... Huo Shao is from the Huo family!"

After leaving the last sentence, Chu Huaibei ordered the security guards to clean up the water and 'garbage' in front of the door.

Their eyes froze for a few seconds.

M&R belongs to Huo Mochen, but how could they forget that Huo Mochen is still the Huo family.

The Huo family has been entrenched in Hwaseong for a hundred years, occupying half of the business district in Hwaseong, and Huo Muchen is also the most favored descendant of the Huo family, and is very likely to become the next top decision-maker of the Huo family.

The third house of the Huo family had already won the top spot in the Huo family, so they were fighting Huo Xishen!


They were almost killed by their own daughters. It's not good to offend whoever they want to offend Song Ci. There are so many complicated relationships involved!

They sat back in the car in a daze.

Not far away, a black Aston Martin stopped in front of them. A man in black came out of the car, walked up to them with long legs, and handed the business card to them with a blank expression. them.

"What's this?"

"My husband wants to cooperate with you. I wonder if you are interested in this?"

"We're almost bankrupt, so why not cooperate with you!"

No matter how they looked at it, they felt that Huo Mochen sent someone to vent his anger on Song Ci again!

The man's face was indifferent, and his voice was cold: "My husband can save your company, so taking the initiative to cooperate with you is a win-win opportunity. If you don't want to, then forget it."

Seeing the man walk away, they shouted anxiously: "We had a conflict just now! We were stunned by that bastard Huo Mochen."

They were all tempered, looked at the man in front of them, and said respectfully, "What company is your husband?

How to cooperate with us?

Now the shares of several of our companies have been suppressed by Huo Mochen's M&R Group, so there is no chance of turning around! "

"That bastard Huo Muchen won't let us survive at all!"

Looking around, there are only a few people in Huacheng who can fight against Huo Muchen, and the 'Mr.

"My husband said that as long as you listen to him to operate the stock market, you can save your shares and completely lose M&R's reputation in the industry."

the man said.

Several people looked at him: "What should I do?

Huo Mochen just used commercial means to block and intercept all channels of our companies! Now all the companies that cooperate with us can't wait to sever ties with us! "

"As long as you listen to the master's orders, the master will bring you back to life."

At least it won't let you die too badly.

Several companies were cornered by Huo Muchen at the same time, and they would declare bankruptcy anytime, anywhere. It can be seen how terrifying the forces behind Huo Muchen are...but the reason for doing so vent their anger on Song Ci!

They gritted their teeth unwillingly: "Okay, as long as your husband can bring our company back to life, let us do whatever we want!"

The man saw a few fat fish hooked, bent slightly, and told them the plan.

Several people were amazed after hearing it!


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