Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 212

"If you follow this plan, you can suspend the speed of M&R's acquisition of you. The next thing will have to wait for the next step to inform you, but the husband also said that if you betray the husband or disclose the plan of the husband, the husband will let you be punished." Greater revenge than M&R directly bankrupting you!"


Several people have been driven to a desperate situation. Even if the devil trades with them, they will choose to sell their souls, let alone just a small matter of waving their fingers.

"Since everyone has reached an agreement, then wish us a happy cooperation."

The man stretched out his hand, but just avoided their shaking hands, handed over his business card, then quickly turned around, got into the Aston Martin, and drove away without letting them see the license plate number!

They held the bronzing business cards. Nothing was written on them, only a phone number.

"Huo Muchen, Song Ci, they will never let you go!"


The two of them who were thought of by them went back to the company directly.

Song Ci was not sent back to the E-star department by Huo Mochen, but was taken to the president's office.

Huo Muchen hugged her for a while, and Song Ci lost his strength, so he could only look at her resentfully: "I have no strength! I want to go back to work!"


A man's sexy and low-mellow magic voice came from above his head, pouring into Song Ci's ears like a wave.

She stared at the 'Kissing Maniac' with red eyes, and her eyes filled with resentment turned into soft eyes. She stared at him sadly, and hummed from her throat: "En."

Huo Mochen held her slender waist and lifted her, put her on the soft sofa next to her, got up calmly, and pressed the internal line: "Come in."

As soon as the words were finished, there was a knock on the door, and a man in a dark blue suit walked in through the door.

"Boss Huo."

"Has everything been drawn up?"

Huo Mo asked deeply.

The man handed the share transfer letter to Huo Muchen from his briefcase: "I have calculated all the movable and real estate and working capital under Mr. Huo's name according to Mr. Huo's instructions, but the shares of the Huo family are not yet determined by Mr. Huo. How much you can get is not in the transfer letter for the time being, but there is a handwriting that you can fill in the shares anytime and anywhere."


Song Ci was flustered when he heard that, and stood up awkwardly: "Huo Muchen, what are you going to do?"

"Be good, don't make trouble with outsiders."

Huo Mochen took out the pen from the table. Because his right hand was injured, he raised his left hand and wrote the three big characters "Huo Mochen" on the signature!

"Mr. Huo, don't you need to take a look at what needs to be modified?" The man who spoke was Zhai Simo, the chief lawyer of M&R, with a somewhat businesslike tone.

He was shocked in his heart!

Huo Muchen has never calculated the assets under his name, and the legal team has always been taking care of them, and he is in charge.

A while ago, they were shocked when they were suddenly asked to transfer all their assets to Song Ci!

Huo Mu gave Zhai Simo a long look, then raised the end of his eyes lightly: "No need."

He turned around and handed the contract and pen to the coffee table, pushed Song Ci to the sofa and sat down: "Xiao Ci, sign it!"

Song Ci had red eye circles, bit her inner lip with her white teeth, and shrank back: "I won't sign!

I do not want anything! "

"Be good."

Seeing her face full of resistance, Huo Mochen forcibly pulled her unbroken arm and stuffed the pen into her palm: "Sign it."

Song Ci shook his head desperately, his body shrank back suddenly, his arm was twisted so painfully: "I won't sign!

Huo Mochen, what I want is you, all I want is you!

Didn't you also say that I have everything if I have you? "

She didn't want Huo Mochen to lose everything!

Huo Mu frowned deeply, and said in a sharp voice, "Xiao Ci, be good, don't force me to teach you how to write!"

Huo Mochen taught Song Ci how to write, and it's on the marriage certificate.

This is the second time!

Song Ci looked at him, with turbulent waves in his shiny pupils, stubbornly writhing: "I won't write!

I don't want these properties!

I can't manage well, what if I lose money to you, what should I do!

Huo Muchen, you know that money is never what I want. Money can't give me any sense of security. I want you! "

she cried.

Hot tears trickled down the corners of his eyes, and hit the back of Huo Muchen's hands heavily, penetrating his muscles and bones, making his body tremble almost invisible.

She said: "Huo Mochen, you know that money can't replace you!

Without you, I can't live on the money!

In the future, I will study martial arts well and won't let others hurt you again. You don't have to leave the inheritance to me now. I haven't had a child yet!

Even if you want to give it, you should split it into two parts! "

"Who told you this is my suicide note!" Huo Mu's forehead twitched with veins, and he couldn't hold back his anger and bit the cold words: "I won't die, it's not a suicide note! I didn't leave any inheritance to you!"

He growled every word from his chest, looking very angry!

He yelled so hard that even Zhai Simo's back trembled for a moment!

Not to mention Song Ci!

Huo Mu's anger did not diminish, and he squeezed out a few words from between his teeth: "Song Ci, you must sign!"

Song Ci froze, blinked his eyes, and his fair little face gradually turned pale.

"I don't want to die." Huo Muchen grabbed Song Ci's shoulder and said word by word: "I still want to live to protect you, let alone, I haven't given you a child yet!"

Song Ci's teeth gritted his lips, and tears fell patter.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not moved, but frightened.

Song Ci, who was tightly locked up by the boss, couldn't speak a word, and was terribly frightened.

Huo Muchen stared at her and couldn't hold back a word, and felt a few hot tears on his arms, and his anger dissipated a lot: "Okay, I won't scare you anymore, I signed the agreement, and I'll send you to the primary school." Nine works there."

It took Song Ci a while to say something: "You are killing me!"


"You're disobedient, I'm teaching you."

Huo Mu raised his forehead deeply, and without talking nonsense, he directly pulled her into his arms, one hand was tied to her arms and waist, and the other hand held her right hand, and he directly ordered: "Si Stay silent and turn to the last page."

Zhai Simo walked over and turned to the last page, and handed it to Huo Muchen.

Huo Mochen directly led her hand to sign her name on the paper.

Song Ci was disobedient: "I don't want money! Since it's not an inheritance, then what I want is useless! It can't be spent either. Why don't you put it in your place and invest it for me."

She cried and said, but Huo Muchen didn't intend to let her go at all, he just squeezed her hand bones tightly until the last vertical of the word "Ci" fell heavily to the end, and thick ink was sprinkled at the end of the page, Only then let go of her hand.

"Huo Mochen, you bastard!"

The corners of Zhai Simo's lips twitched, he couldn't stand it anymore.

He explained softly: "Madam, please don't go against the president's will. It took M&R legal team three days and three nights to sort out these funds. Besides, it was only transferred to the wife's name. The specific management and investment should be handled by M&R." reason.

As long as Mr. Huo and his wife are married, the property is jointly owned by husband and wife. If it does not exist and is given to his wife, Mr. Huo has no right to use it. "

If that's the case, isn't Mr. Huo really a softie?


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