Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 213

"Have both?"

Is this a windfall for her?

"Yes, ma'am. So even if you are the legal heir and user of the property, the specific use of the property still needs to be approved by Mr. Huo. It can be as big as a project investment or as small as a penny. As long as you use it, Mr. Huo will know about it." rights, and may, based on reasonableness, decide whether you can use it."

After Zhai Simo explained, he couldn't help complaining: "Madam, I heard Mr. Huo say that you majored in law in college, and you should know better than me about the transfer of shares and property."

The implication is, ma'am, you don't know anything after leaving the school, and that little bit of support will not be returned to the school!

Song Ci was embarrassed.

Huo Mochen saw that her black eyelashes were shining with fragments of light, and couldn't help but let out a long breath.

Zhai Simo also sweated for Mr. Huo.

"This is to raise a wife so that she can be so angry! If she has another daughter, she will be so angry! She can't beat her, she can't scold her, and if she speaks in a serious tone, she will cry until she is aggrieved!

This means Mr. Huo can have the patience to yell, if he...

He doesn't have a wife yet, where does he have a daughter? "

Huo Mochen wiped away the teardrops on her face, and said, "It's not too late now, go wash your face. Didn't you always want to see Qiqi? He was brought into the company, you can talk to him when you're working."

In Huo Muchen's eyes, Song Ci has always been just a little girl.

Hearing this, Song Ci obediently went to wash his face, but his heart was not heavy, and his steps were even a little unnatural.

All of Huo Muchen's property was transferred to her name. Even if it was used jointly, Song Ci couldn't guarantee that the Song family would use it to distribute something. The person who should make the will is not Huo Muchen, but her!

Song Ci pressed against his chest, suppressing his beating heart.

She always felt that the time after rebirth was stolen, so she cherished every minute and every second of it!

outside the door.

Huo Mushen raised his head and looked at Zhai Simo: "Put it away and let no one know."

"Mr. Huo, don't worry, no one except the three of us will know about this contract."

Zhai Simo promised.

Huo Mo thanked him slightly.

Zhai Simo stayed there for a while, gossiped: "Mr. Huo, don't you find it annoying that your wife tortures you like this every day?"

Women are the most annoying when they cry!

At least in Zhai Simo's straight man's eyes, there is nothing that can't be solved by saying 'baby, drink more hot water'!

Huo Mu took a deep breath, and the hostility that had been suppressed deep in his chest surged up again, and the words squeezed out from the tip of his teeth spit ice scum: "My wife is the best, don't find a girlfriend within a year!"

Zhai Simo: "...Mr. Huo, why?"

"No reason." Huo Mochen waved his hand, signaling that it's time to get out.

"Mr. Huo, I..."

"My wife doesn't bother you, she doesn't bother you." Huo Muchen suddenly raised his head, squinting dangerously: "You, now, get out!"

Seeing that Huo Muchen had no patience, Zhai Simo went out in despair.

When Song Ci came back, he didn't see Zhai Simo. After glancing around in the office, he finally set his gaze on Huo Muchen's face.

"Who are you looking for?"

"Lawyer Zhai, is he gone?"

"I let him go, you can't see him." Huo Muchen covered his body with a layer of indifference, walked towards Song Ci, and led her directly to the sixteenth floor.

Ding dong!

A child who was not as tall as Huo Muchen's legs rushed straight towards Song Ci: "Sister Xiaoci, Uncle Huo, you have finally come down."

Sister Xiaoci, Uncle Huo?

Huo Mu was depressed and angry, picked up Qiqi, and patted his buttocks twice without politeness!

"Uncle Huo, why did you spank my little ass as soon as you came here? Ah Jiu said, if you spank me again, let me tell Sister Xiao Ci so that she won't let you go to bed." Qiqi kicked her calf Huo Mochen held him, but he couldn't break free from Huo Mochen's hands with his small arms and short legs, but he didn't cry loudly, as if he was used to it.

Song Ci's eyes twitched as he watched, and he couldn't help but say, "Mu Chen, did you beat me a little too hard.

Qiqi is just a child. If you continue to fight like this, Xiaojiu will come to settle accounts with us. "

The most important thing is...she can see the difference between Huo Mochen's treatment of men and women!

If she had a son, she would probably be beaten up badly by Qi Qi!

"That's right, sister Xiaoci, please save Qiqi." Qiqi stretched out her chubby hand, then looked at Song Ci pitifully, and said in a childish voice: "Qiqi has a lollipop here, sister Xiaoci, if you save me If it's me, I'll take the lollipop... slap!"

Huo Mochen slapped his little butt twice again!

"Xiaoci, how dare you ask for it!"

Song Ci was deceived by Bu Yan once in the hospital, and he didn't have such a strong feeling about the "lollipop temptation", and then returned to Qiqi with pitiful eyes, and said the words to Huo Mochen, "Don't dare to ask I dare not ask for it, and I will never eat it again from now on.”

Qiqi: "..."

Huo Muchen hooked his lips in satisfaction, looked at Qiqi, who was not his son, with a small face in his hand, put him down, turned his head to Song Ci, and said word by word: "Don't be led by Qiqi, he You are not allowed to follow what you are playing, it will lower your IQ."

Song Ci pursed his lips and nodded heavily.

Among the husband and Qiqi, of course the husband is chosen!

Huo Muchen was satisfied with her obedience, and kissed her forehead: "Well, be obedient, tomorrow weekend, I will serve you at home."

Hearing this, Song Ci's face was embarrassed, and he urged Huo Muchen to go back to the office quickly. She also had to go back to draw the design drawings quickly. There are some things that cannot be delayed and must be done in time.

Song Ci felt that the best thing about her at work was that... she didn't procrastinate.

Watching the elevator door close, Song Cicai looked at the little carrot beside her waist, raised his eyebrows, and stretched out his hand.

The two of them stared at the harmless eyes of humans and animals with big innocent eyes.

"Sister Xiaoci, what you said is not the same as Ah Jiu. You are afraid of Uncle Huo, and you are very afraid."

"Cough cough cough... I am not afraid, I am clearly letting... I let Huo Mochen." Song Ci squatted down, looked at Qi Qi's white and tender cheeks, chubby, and couldn't help it I poked it with my finger, it was soft, it turned out to be the feeling of bullying a child, so cool!

Qiqi's cheeks puffed up: "Sister Xiaoci, don't poke my cheek anymore!

If you want to poke, you and Uncle Huo will have a baby. "

"Cough cough cough..." Song Ci coughed again: "You little clever ghost, why do you know everything! Why do you call me sister, Uncle Huo Muchen?"

"Get mad at him!" Qi Qi snorted, "When Uncle Huo visited me abroad, he would either spank my ass or poke my forehead every time. This time I finally found a way to get mad at him. But Xiaoci, you can compare The photos look much better, and I could only see your photos in Uncle Huo's cell phone before."


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