Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 214

Song Ci raised his eyebrows, and heard Qiqi continue to say: "Every time Uncle Huo would tell me that this is his wife, and I want to have one too, he would laugh at me for being young and not being able to have a wife.

So I decided, Xiao Ci, you must have a daughter, and I will marry your daughter back home in the future. "

He touched Song Ci's flat belly with his white and tender hands: "But don't worry, Xiao Ci, I will treat your daughter well. After all, I was responsible for some of the ways Uncle Huo hurts you."

"for example?"

"For example, when you married Uncle Huo, I was still the flower girl, but I haven't made it yet, which is a pity." Qiqi's generally serious little adult said.

Song Ci was amused. He took his little hand and talked while walking, but soft lumps popped up in his heart, calling her 'Mom'.

Back at the office, I happened to see Jiang Jiu bring the contract documents, looked at the wound on her arm covered with gauze, and asked worriedly: "Are you okay! I heard that you and the third brother were deliberately murdered by others. "

"Well, I haven't found out who is behind it yet?" Song Ci nodded.

"Don't worry, Huacheng is the world of the eldest brother and the third brother. Together, the two of them will not find anyone's whereabouts." Jiang Jiu raised his eyebrows: "The most important thing for you now is to quickly draw all the design drafts .

Vice President AK is urging you to ask for it. You will be going back to Huo's house next weekend. "

Song Ci lowered his head and glanced at the date on the calendar, and said, "Yes."

"Coincidentally, the deadline is next weekend. If you can't finish it, just wait for Su Xuening to return to Huo's house to mock and belittle you." Jiang Jiu sneered: "She is clearly trying to make things difficult for you!

Xiaoci, this is a test for you. If you get through it, the Huo family's beauty will be yours. If you can't make it through, third brother and you will bear the reputation of unworthy descendants on your shoulders! "

Jiang Jiu helped her by the shoulders, looked at her solemnly and said, "Third brother has been insomnia for several years because of you, and you should work hard for him once, so don't let third brother lose his head in front of the Huo family.

Now everyone in the Huo family is waiting to see the third brother's joke. Although the E-star project is listed, it has not seen any profits. Opening up overseas markets is only the first step, but AK has been secretly cooperating with the Yan family recently, thinking that we I don't know, hehe! "

"Cooperate with the Yan family?"

"The last time you saw Yan Baichuan next to Chi Ye, he is also a formidable character! AK secretly engages in tricks behind our backs, so naturally we can't fall behind." Jiang Jiu sneered again, pointing to the document she brought up : "This is the document I compiled just now. Regarding the preferences of overseas AK, you can go and have a look, and then try to complete the design draft."

Song Ci nodded.

"Okay, I won't tell you anymore, I'll take my family Qiqi back, so I won't let him bother you." Jiang Jiu reached out to grab Qiqi, but was stopped by Qiqi: "Ah Jiu, I want to wait for you." By Xiaoci's side, why don't you go back to work by yourself."

Jiang Jiu twitched the corners of his mouth: "You brat, I love you so much and you haven't seen you throw me a smiling face. You actually please others?"

"It's boring to follow you every day, Xiaoci is soft and cute, much better than your fierce one!"


Seeing that Jiang Jiu was about to spank Qiqi's ass, Song Ci hurriedly stopped him: "Let Qiqi stay with me, I also like children."

Jiang Jiu raised his eyebrows, but he really didn't care about Qi Qi, Qi Qi stayed by Song Ci's side, the two of them were in an office, Qi Qi was really cute sitting next to Song Ci, watching Song Ci usually draw when he had time drawing, and Song Ci turned on the computer to process the programs that everyone sent her.

When she was working, she stared at the computer quietly, without distraction at all. The only sound in the room was the sound of her typing on the keyboard.

I don't know how long it took before Song Ci put all the programs together and tried them out a few times, but he still felt that something was wrong.

In her previous life, although she was a little stupid and arrogant, she also graduated from Huada University, so she didn't have much problem with IQ, and she followed up the E-star project.

She closed her eyes, took a few deep breaths, and then slowly recalled in her mind that she had experienced the software developed by the E-star project and various user experiences in her previous life. When she stole business secrets, she did an all-round experience report for Lu Huaike .

Suddenly, Song Ci opened her eyes and looked at the densely packed spider-like program symbols on the screen. Her eyes were filled with firmness, recalling little by little, and re-doing all the programs with her own ideas according to the memories of her previous life.

After the operation was successful, she tried it a few more times, her eyes turned from dull to bright starlight, and the corners of her lips curled up in satisfaction when she saw the same program in front of the screen.

"Finally did not disappoint Huo Mochen!"

Song Ci added his own conceived elements into the program before he was satisfied and turned his eyes away from the computer screen and looked out the window.

"Xiaoci, just now you got a message on your phone, it's from Uncle Qi." Qiqi handed over the phone obediently, then lowered her head and continued to read Song Cihua's comics.

Song Ci took the phone, raised his head and rubbed his neck, let out a long breath, and then looked down at the content uploaded by the phone.

"Sister-in-law three, last time the heart patient Xixi had his heart discharged, but you are the person in charge, so you need to find time to come and sign, and the kid also likes you, so come and take a look if you have time, after all, it's a heart transplant." Surgery does not guarantee 100% success.

Sister-in-law San was also wrong for me last time. It just so happens that our hospital is setting up a project recently. I will pay for sister-in-law San. You can do whatever you want, sister-in-law San. "

Bu Yan sent a long list of messages.

Song Ci only replied with the word 'good' at the end.

I don't even bother to give one more!

Bu Yan over there scratched his ears and waited for two hours, when he suddenly heard three beeps from his mobile phone, he immediately put down the pen in his hand, jumped up from the wooden bench like a spring, grabbed the mobile phone, fiddled with it, and watched information.

He grabbed the phone, looked back and forth for a long time, and finally saw only one word, his handsome face collapsed, and he howled: "It's over, it's over, my sister-in-law must have blacklisted me, maybe I'll be blacklisted by then." It's dead!"

Song Ci didn't try to guess Bu Yan's mood, but saw that Qiqi was very interested in the comics she drew, and asked softly, "Qiqi likes comics?"

"I like it, sister Xiaoci, you draw very well." Qiqi's eyes are very bright, as if the stars are hidden in them.

Song Ci reached out and pinched his face: "Do you want to go to the hospital to see a kid who is older than you?"

Song Ci likes to look at his image very much. If he can be drawn into the comics, maybe new elements will be injected.

The last time when Lu Ziyan played the role of Empress Daji, Song Ci thought about making animations, and then using animation characters to make dynamic characters, and developing animation characters for M&R, but it has been stranded because of the E-star project.

Now that Star E is on the market, she is just waiting for the profit, so she is the most important part of the chain!

Song Ci took a deep breath, imagining the design drawing of the E-star project in his mind, imagining the story of her and Huo Muchen becoming an anime character, and then secretly hiding it to watch for himself.

Just as she was thinking about it, Qiqi pointed out childishly: "Sister Xiaoci, you are blushing, you must be thinking of Uncle Huo."


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