Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 217

This is clearly a deliberate mockery of her flirtatiousness!

Song Ci pulled the corners of his eyes, didn't speak, just looked at everyone opposite him with cold eyes!

It's none of her business to slander Yan Baichuan, but if she insists on pouring all the dirty water on her head, Nima can't stand it!

"Which onion are you? Since you know I'm Mrs. Huo, you bumped into me without looking at me. Are you afraid that my husband will kill you?" Song Ci raised his eyebrows and threatened ruthlessly, making the man shut up immediately.

"A Mrs. Huo, dare to yell at our Yan family! What an uneducated thing, I will teach you for your parents today!"

Mr. Yan narrowed his eyes on Song Ci coldly, stepped forward a few steps, and was about to beat him up with a cane!


There was a muffled hum in my ears!

Song Ci's heart trembled, as if some picture flashed in his mind, it was very familiar, but he still couldn't remember it!

She only heard Yan Baichuan leaning over her and saying, "I've protected you too."

Before she could react, she heard sarcasm coming from the opposite side!

"Grandpa, you see that Yan Baichuan is still protecting that woman. Maybe Yan Baichuan deliberately joined forces with that woman to kill his elder brother so that he can inherit the Yan family!"

What a big hat!

Song Ci withdrew from Yan Baichuan's arms, separated the alienated distance, his brows were condensed, and he laughed: "I think you want to inherit the Yan family."

The man's mind was broken, a guilty conscience flashed in his eyes, and he tried to hide his uneasiness by raising his voice: "What nonsense are you talking about? I have always respected my eldest brother, but now you ordered someone to take away his heart resources, causing my eldest brother to die now !"


Song Ci sneered, and suddenly took a step forward. Even though his stature was not as tall as all of them, it gave off an indescribably cramped feeling.

"You'd better take your words back. It was your Yan family who robbed things first, so how can you have the face to say that I robbed your things now?" Song Ci lazily raised his head, his bright face was covered with frost: " I forgot, your Yan family has never liked such things as face!

You too, and Yan Baichuan too! "

"Bastard! Shut your mouth!

Song Ci don't think that the Yan family can't touch you now that you have the Huo family! "

Mr. Yan's face has been knocked down by Song Ci for decades. His anger was stuck in his chest and he couldn't move up or down. He was so angry that he raised his crutch and threw it at Song Ci again!

Song Ci's eyes were quick and his hands were quick, and he directly held the crutches with his hands.

If the crutches hit her on the top of her head, she probably won't die, but will be disabled for the rest of her life and become mentally retarded!

"Let go!" Seeing Song Ci grabbing her crutch and not letting go, Mr. Yan stared angrily: "How dare you hide?"

"Hehe, if I don't hide, will I let you hit me?" Song Ci asked, "You really think I'm easy to bully!"


"Who are you scolding!"

"The bastard scolded you!"

Song Ci's lips curled into a faint smile: "So it was the bastard who scolded me!

That's right, an old bastard gave birth to a bunch of little bastards, biting me in front of me! "

"How dare you scold me!"

Old Master Yan couldn't contain his anger, and wanted to raise his hand to hit Song Ci, but she held the cane tightly in her palm and couldn't move.

"I scolded you!

You are old and disrespectful, and you will label me when you come up indiscriminately. I am not your granddaughter, so I deserve to be beaten by you?

And since I have no education, I don't guarantee that I will beat you up! "

"You bitch!"

"No matter how cheap I am, I won't be inferior to you. Come to the door and find a beating!"

Song Ci stared at his every move with sharp eyes, and saw that Mr. Yan was so angry that he wanted to lift the crutch again. The moment he raised his breath and almost used all his strength to pull the crutch, she lowered her head to cover the sight of success in her eyes. The hand of the crutch is relaxed!

Mr. Yan's body was suddenly unsupported, and his old arms and legs staggered two steps backwards. Fortunately, the man was behind him to support him in time, otherwise he would have broken bones when he fell to the ground!

The scene was chaotic.

Yan's family members were all comforting Mr. Yan, but Yan Baichuan was alone, standing behind Song Ci with an indifferent expression, staring at her back.

Her figure was decisive, and she directly offended everyone in the Yan family, leaving no room for them to retreat!

The old man Yan, who was still in shock, looked at Song Ci, his teeth itching with anger: "You want to kill me!"

"You are serious about what you said." Song Ci said politely, with a sneer on his cheeks with obvious sarcasm: "It was you who asked me to let go just now, I let you go according to your wishes, and you are dissatisfied again.

You said, aren't you the type to make trouble for yourself? "


Song Ci can always find his flaws, making Mr. Yan start to believe the rumors at the M&R celebration banquet, Song Ci was the one who played AK around.

If this is the case, then Song Ci is also the core person in charge of the E-star project!

She is alive and is a threat to the Yan family!

Song Ci saw that Mr. Yan's eyes changed from anger to gloomy, and finally showed ruthlessness, as if he saw some scheme!

"You'd better go to the hospital to have a look at your old arms and legs, don't be so angry that you die, after all..." Song Ci's ending voice was elongated, raised slightly, without leaving any sympathetic irony: "You don't pay for your life when you are angry, no?"


This time, Mr. Yan was really so angry that he couldn't breathe. His body and bones trembled. He stared at Song Ci, but couldn't say a word!

Song Ci didn't have a good impression of people who rely on the old to sell the old, and he didn't even bother to continue perfunctory, especially knowing that the Yan family dared to pry the corner of M&R and wanted to poach AK away.

AK didn't have the slightest commercial integrity. During the period of cooperation with M&R, it cooperated with Yan's family without authorization, completely violating the content of the contract!

This time, she vowed not to give up until AK was counted to the point of bankruptcy!

"And Mr. Yan, the Yan family had better not do any tricks behind M&R's back. We, M&R, are not vegetarians. Be careful if you lose so much that you can't even afford your urn, then you will just drift away with the wind forever!"

", seduced my grandson, and dared to curse me to death!"

As soon as he said this, Song Ci immediately became unhappy.

She sneered: "I'm not cursing you to die, but you... are about to die. I kindly send you a ride. You should thank me.

Moreover, I was working hard to see patients in the hospital, but it was your grandson who dragged me down when I came up, and you are the ones who say shameless! "

"Bai Chuan, what is going on!"

Mr. Yan couldn't say no to Song Ci, so he could only stare at Yan Baichuan fiercely, with threats in his eyes.

As long as Song Ci took the initiative to seduce Yan Baichuan, the Huo family and Tang Cheng would lose face together.

Waiting for the news to be published in the newspaper tomorrow, their Yan family can fight a beautiful turnaround in Huacheng!

Yan Baichuan stood on the spot, looking at Song Ci steadfastly, his pupils were stabbed fiercely, his chest seemed to be stabbed a few times, the pain was so bloody, his thin lips moved, he could only choke and say: "I took the initiative to pull Mrs. Huo, just to talk about cooperation."


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