Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 218

"Yan Baichuan!"

"Grandpa, don't be angry, it's not worth being angry for someone who is not worth it!

Who knows what the two of them did behind the scenes? "The man sneered at Song Ci for a while relying on Mr. Yan.

"You better not bark!

I'm not your Yan family, and I won't leave you half of the noodles. Then don't beg me like a dog! "

Song Ci deeply locked the man's nonsense mouth, as if sewing his mouth with his eyes stitch after stitch: "If you dare to bite me again, I don't mind if you disappear forever in the Hwaseong!"

Song Ci hates it most when someone puts the label of 'cheating' on her head again!


Hearing this, the man was taken aback.

He only said one word and didn't dare to say more. After all, Huo Muchen kicked Lu Huaike for Song Ci until he was inhumane all his life. He still vividly remembered this incident!

"Grandpa, I want to discuss business matters with Mrs. Huo first, so I won't talk to you."

Yan Baichuan quickly interrupted their saber-rattling, grabbed Song Ci's arm and walked towards the car, started the car quickly, and left in a hurry.

Mr. Yan looked at their leaving figures, his cloudy eyes shone with a stern light.

The man next to him who was frightened by Song Ci immediately said when he saw someone leave: "Grandpa, Yan Baichuan is now able to betray the Yan family and attack his own family for Song Ci's sake! In the future, if...won't he want to attack you!"

"He dares!"

"He doesn't dare now, but he doesn't guarantee that he will dare in the future!" The man's eyes were full of calculations, and he helped Mr. Yan to the hospital, and his words unnaturally revealed hints: "Look, he can do it!" To plot against Yan's family for an outsider, what dare not do!

It's the poor elder brother, who will be killed by Song Ci for some unknown reason! "

"No! Last time you found out that Song Ci is the person in charge of the E-star project, is it accurate?"

"Yes, Grandpa.

It turned out that An Lina, an employee at M&R, told me in great detail that Song Ci was the original anonymous designer and the person in charge of the E-star project.

It's not as good as us..."

"She took away my grandson's heart, and I will give you one back!"

After Mr. Yan finished speaking, he walked towards the hospital leaning on crutches.


The suffocation in the cramped carriage was like a big net enveloping them, gradually strangling their breath.

Song Ci sat in the co-pilot, feeling extremely upset.

She took out a disinfectant tissue from her pocket, wiped carefully the place where Yan Baichuan touched her wrist, and prayed from the bottom of her heart: "I hope my husband won't see her being held by Yan Baichuan's wrist, otherwise she doesn't know if Xiao Yao can still do it." I can stand Huo Mochen's punishment!"

From the corner of Yan Baichuan's eyes, he glanced at the place where she wiped and was touched by him, and the pupils of his eyes shrank suddenly, and retreated into the abyss.

He held the steering wheel with his fingers, and stepped on the accelerator.

"Xiao Ci, you don't have to do this. Huo Muchen won't see it, and he won't care about it." Yan Baichuan parked the car on the side of the road in Huayanju, turned his head, looked at Song Ci's indifferent side face, and stared at him with dark eyes. She: "I'm sorry just now, actually..."

Song Ci frowned, his cool eyes were full of resistance when he turned his head to look at Yan Baichuan, and interrupted him directly: "You should really say sorry to me, I was innocently hurt by you, and every time After meeting you, they will all suffer disasters.

Yan Baichuan, I didn't offend you in my previous life, so you don't have to hurt me like this in this life. "

"A small speech."

"And I don't know you well, please call me Mrs. Huo next time, my husband will be angry when he hears it." Song Ci unconditionally defended her husband's "exclusive nickname", "And please don't look for me next time, between us Never, I don't like you!"

She doesn't like Yan Baichuan, even if she can see Yan Baichuan's intentions, she can only refuse!

The best respect for a person is to respond in a timely manner and completely let him give up, instead of leaving a spare tire like Song Yanran!

Yan Baichuan smiled, and stared at Song Ci forcefully with his dark eyes: "Xiao Ci, you won't even lie to me?

You can't remember anything now, I don't blame you, you will remember one day. "

"Yan Baichuan, whether I think about it or not, I love Huo Mochen!

You'd better give up in this life. "

Song Ci's small face was tense, and his eyes were cold, but he was serious and firm, and he looked at Yan Baichuan steadfastly, without any intention of playing around.

A crack finally appeared on Yan Baichuan's gentle mask, he lifted his lips and sneered, "Mrs. Huo, you are full of Huo Muchen, will Huo Muchen treat you like this?"


"Then why did Huo Muchen show up in Huayanju to meet the Su family? Today is the Huo family and the Su family eating here as in-laws!" Yan Baichuan turned his eyes away, looking at the man who came out of the black Maybach.

"How can..."

Song Ci's face was full of disbelief, and he followed his cold gaze to the door of Huayanju, and his voice stopped abruptly!

A familiar figure suddenly came into view. The man was still wearing the suit they changed at Dihuang Restaurant today, with a serious and cold face. From her angle, she could only see half of his handsome face.

Huo Mochen stepped into Huayanju with his slender legs, and his tall figure gradually disappeared from Song Ci's field of vision, indifferent and lonely.

Yan Baichuan's tone was suddenly relaxed: "Today the Huo family and the Su family came to discuss the marriage, and from the beginning to the end, Xiaoci, you were the one who was kept in the dark."

"You said I would believe it?"

Song Ci tried hard to convince herself from the bottom of her heart that at least when she died, she and Huo Muchen were husband and wife, and even if they died, they would still be called "Huo Muchen's deceased wife".

"You don't have to believe it, why don't you go in and have a look. Chi also brought Jiang Jiu and Qiqi to eat here, why don't you go in and have a look together." Yan Baichuan turned off the engine, unbuckled his seat belt, and blocked it for Song Ci from the other side of the car door roof.

Song Ci's body was stiff, his steps were too heavy to lift, and his face was a little pale.

Yan Baichuan was not in a hurry: "It doesn't matter if you don't believe me, Xiaoci, you should believe in your own eyes. It is not your character to blindly escape from reality."

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Song Ci took a deep breath, stretched his long legs from inside the car, and raised his head to confront Yan Baichuan: "Go! But I have one condition, if it's not what I said, you don't want to disturb my life again, and Yan Baichuan Home and AK stop cooperating!"

Yan Baichuan's handsome appearance collapsed almost invisible, and he smiled slightly: "Okay."

"Yan Baichuan, there are cameras near Huayanju. Everything you say is monitored. If you say something wrong but don't carry it out..."

"You can sue me."

Song Ci was choked.

Yan Baichuan has already promised, what else can she say!

She stepped on high heels, walked around Yan Baichuan, and walked towards Huayan Juli unsteadily, which seemed a bit courageous.

Yan Baichuan's long black eyelashes hung down, and the emotions in his long narrow eyes were all covered under those two thick barriers.

Slowly, he withdrew his gaze and followed closely.

"Where is Huo Mochen?"


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