Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 219

"We're in the box next to them, you just have to wait a bit to know whether I'm right or not?" Yan Baichuan barked.

Song Ci followed him closely into the private room, looked at the dining table filled with dazzling dishes, but there were no figures of Jiang Jiu and Qiqi, his face rose more than ten degrees, staring at Yan Baichuan unhappily, and retorted: "You Lied to me!"

The nerves in her mind were tightened, as if she had thought of something: "Jiang Jiu and Qiqi are not here, what is your purpose to lure me here!"

Yan Baichuan pursed his thin lips into a straight line: "Chi Ye might have brought Miss Jiang and Qiqi back, but he didn't inform me."

"Did you take Xiaojiu away without Chi? You did everything. Where did you hide them?" Song Ci couldn't imagine that Jiang Jiu and Qiqi would fall into the hands of Yan's family because of her. He became ruthless, and opened his mouth to question: "What do you Yan family want to use Xiao Jiu for? Threatening M&R or something? Yan Baichuan, let your Yan family have the ability to attack me, and don't hurt innocent people!"

Every word of Song Ci hit Yan Baichuan's heart heavily. He was overwhelmed by bitterness, reaching all his limbs and bones. His fists were clenched to reveal his muscles and bones, and every inch of his bones were cracked in his heart. He didn't respond until the waiter walked over. .

"Miss Song, just now a child asked me to give you this note when you came."

The waiter handed the note to Song Ci and left with a nod.

Song Ci was getting angry. After taking the note, he rubbed it vigorously. When he saw a line of words on it, his heart shook violently.

"Xiao Ci, Ah Jiu and I are going back to Daddy's house first, you should eat well. —— Qiqiliu."

She closed her eyes heavily, it turned out that she had wrongly blamed Yan Baichuan.

But...if Yan Baichuan didn't lie, then the next door is really Huo Muchen and...Su Xuening?

"Xiao Ci, are you still unwilling to believe me?" Yan Baichuan's voice was gentle and seductive: "Huo Muchen is negotiating with Su Xuening next door. If you don't believe me, you can call and ask."

Song Ci gritted her teeth, she was struggling.

Of course, Yan Baichuan could see that she was struggling between believing in Huo Mochen and not believing it.

Huo Muchen, how can He De be so loved by Song Ci in this lifetime!

Originally, all of this should belong to him!

She promised to marry him!

Huo Muchen, the hatred of taking his wife!

"Xiaoci, it's better to face it than to suffer by yourself. I'll be with you." Yan Baichuan said again.

Song Ci scratched his hair in annoyance, his soft lips were bitten bloodshot, he clenched his fists, and fell into depression.

She told herself over and over again in her mind: "Huo Muchen, I have loved you for the past two lifetimes, Song Ci, you can't be heartless anymore!

Why don't you believe Huo Mochen!

What Yan Baichuan said was false! "

Seeing her struggling and suffering so much, Yan Baichuan stopped urging her, but comforted her in a slow voice: "Why don't you eat first, they won't come out in a while, wait until they show up and you can verify what I said, how about it?"

He always speaks in a tepid way, without arrogance or impetuosity, but he restrains his anger with every word.

"No!" Song Ci panted heavily, as if a hand was strangling her neck.

She said in a low voice, "I won't eat. I'm going out now. I'll wait in the car at the door."

Song Ci walked out of Huayanju quickly, as if fleeing.

Yan Baichuan's eyes were gloomy, he curled his lips in satisfaction, and waved his hands casually. The general manager of Huayanju immediately stepped forward and bowed his head to listen to his orders.

The man said softly: "Remove all the things, Xiaoci will come to Huayanju for dinner in the future, follow her temperament, and meet all her requirements."

"Yes, sir."

The general manager was stared at by Yan Baichuan's two clouds and light winds so that his back felt cold, and his lips trembled as he replied.

After Yan Baichuan gave the order, he followed downstairs, walked to the side of the car and saw Song Ci's long hair hanging down through the car window, sliding down from his shoulders, covering the profile of his face.

She sat in the driver's seat, closed the car door tightly, arched her back, and buried her small face on the steering wheel.

Without saying a word.

Yan Baichuan knew that she was deceived by Huo Muchen, and he would not be able to accept it for a while, but he was not in a hurry. He had been away for many years, and it was not as long as Huo Muchen stayed by her side. It takes patience and energy to get back what belongs to him.

He leaned his back against the car door, raised his eyelids, looked at Huayanju, and smiled.



The box was shrouded in cold air, and the atmosphere was strange and depressing.

Huo Mo sat upright on the black sofa against the wall, out of place with the people at the round table.

He crossed his legs, reclining on the black soft sofa in a casual and lazy posture, his black eyes swept across the opposite side, and thousands of knives shot out from his eyes.

"Mu Chen, today's visit is mainly for our two families to meet, and we will meet again in the future, which can be regarded as a welcome for Xue Ning." Huo Xishen spoke first, weak: "And you asked Xue Ning to apologize, Never mind."

Su's father and Su's mother frowned, especially Su's mother was quite dissatisfied with Huo Muchen.

Huo Muchen asked to marry her daughter. When he saw them, not only did he not behave properly, he even put on airs and gave them embarrassment!

"Xue Ning, this is the Huo Mochen you mentioned. It's really good."

Really good?

Su Xuening frowned, but didn't speak, but looked at Huo Xishen.

Huo Xishen was a little embarrassed. He used the excuse of discussing business with the Huo family to 'deceive' Huo Muchen out.

Now that Huo Muchen should marry Su Xuening, it seems a little hard to say, but Su Xuening is now the vice president of AK. If Huo Muchen can marry Su Xuening, then the Huo family can use AK to open up overseas markets without being shackled in the country. market.

Huo Xi deeply hopes that the Huo family can be carried forward in his hands, and even more hope that the top decision-maker will always be in his hands!

"Since the two families have met each other, and the two children are classmates who go to school together, it is also fate." Su's mother said it implicitly, but the implication was already obvious, and she wanted Su Xuening and Huo Muchen to get married.

Su's father glared at Su's mother and told her to shut up.

Su's mother didn't know about it, but Su's father deeply understood Huo Muchen's ability.

He just got the news yesterday that Huo Mchen made a move to buy five entire family companies, completely driving the five families to a corner! !

Huo Mochen's majesty can't be offended at all!

Huo Muchen saw that there was a dispute in the Su family, so he retracted his gaze, looked at Su Xuening with a critical gaze, and found that her cheeks were slightly red, obviously her daughter's family was shy and timid.

Since this is the case, then the Su family has no problem.

He said: "Mu Chen, come over for a meal, and I'll talk to you later."

Huo Muchen sat there, his black eyes narrowed dangerously, and he said, "Heh... Huo Dong, what do you want to talk about, business or marriage?"


His cold and stern voice rolled down, instantly tightening everyone's breathing.

Especially Su Xuening, her face turned pale.

Huo Xi frowned deeply, not wanting to release the news of their father and son's quarrel, and said in a deep voice, "Let's eat first, and we'll talk about 'business' after dinner."


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