Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 220

Huo Muchen leaned back lazily, with his feet resting on the side of the black gilt tea table, his brows were full of evil spirits, and the corners of his lips curled up in a playful way: "Why don't we talk now."

Huo Xi deeply heard the words, his face was dull, and he said sullenly: "Now everyone is eating, there is no way to talk! Huo Muchen, don't lose your manners in front of the Su family! Song Ci is not educated, Huo Muchen, don't talk to Song Ci The same is uneducated!"

"I've taught Xiaoci since I was a child. Do you have any opinions?"


"My wife is young, and I have taught her since she was a child. If she is wrong, I should take care of her. Who dares to teach her a lesson!"

Huo Mchen twirled lightly with his fingertips, brushed off the wrinkled shirt, slowly got up from the sofa, and walked out the door.

"Where are you going!" Su's mother couldn't hold her breath, and asked, "What's your attitude? Today is the meeting between our two families. You can go now, and our Xue Ning's face will be put inside!"

Where can I put it?

Of course, it is to put it under Song Ci's feet, and step on it hard!

When Su's father heard Su's mother speak in surprise, his tense nerves were flicked, his mind went blank, and he angrily said, "Shut up!"

Huo Xishen is Huo Muchen's father, even if they are not on good terms, they will not fight tit for tat, but they are different. If Huo Muchen can attack the Song family, he can also attack the Su family. This kind of son-in-law is simply leading the wolf into the house!

I can't afford it, I can't afford it!

He saw Song Yuancheng still worrying about the shortfall of funds for the South District and Tangcheng projects during a social gathering a while ago, so worried that he grew old a dozen times in an instant.

Song Yuancheng didn't benefit from the fact that his son-in-law was Huo Muchen. On the contrary, because Huo Muchen suddenly withdrew the funds after investing in the project, Tangcheng suffered a great loss.

In addition, Song Yuancheng's daughter Song Ci, who is not up to date, can make Song Yuancheng die of anger!

Song Ci was so coaxed by Huo Muchen that he even gave up his own family. Instead of helping his family, under Huo Muchen's instigation, Song Ci dealt with the Song family!

If Su Xuening really married Huo Muchen, a wolf who swallowed human flesh and didn't spit out bones, Su's father would be swallowed by Huo Muchen until he could see the Su family!

Su's father thought about all the tragedies in his heart, and directly opened his mouth to cut off Su's mother and Su Xuening's thoughts!

"Today I'm just here to meet the wind, it doesn't mean anything!"

Su's mother and Su Xuening were startled.

"Didn't it mean that the two families were married?" Su's mother muttered to herself, somewhat confused about the situation.

Huo Xi's face was dark, he didn't know what to do with Su's father, and his chest was on fire.

Compared with Huo Xishen, Su's father didn't want to offend Huo Muchen, so he said directly: "Mu Chen, today is just a banquet, and there is no other meaning." Even if it is interesting, it is definitely not Huo Muchen who wants to marry the Huo family !

Huo Mu pursed his lips deeply, and glanced at Father Su.

Father Su's old bones froze.

"Su Chang'an, didn't you say..." Huo Xi asked angrily.

Su Changan frowned: "I thought it was someone else from the Huo family, and Huo Muchen already has a wife, so it's nothing for us Xue Ning to marry!"

Huo Xi choked deeply, but obviously had nothing to say.

Huo Mushen's stern face was deeply covered by a layer of haze, a pair of sharp and dark eyes saw through Su Changan's thoughts, his chin was faintly looped, and he faced Huo Xishen and Su Xuening with a piercing arc, frowning .

"I have a wife. Her name is Song Ci. If I want to remind you again, you are still challenging my bottom line!"

"The divorce is over." Su's mother muttered disdainfully: "There are so many divorced people now, which daughter in Hwaseong can compare to my daughter?"

Mother Su looked at Huacheng and saw that her daughter was getting better and better, her brows were tinged with complacency, and she felt that all men were not good enough for her daughter!

As long as her daughter picks someone else's role, there is no reason for others to reject her daughter!

I don't know which word directly offended Huo Muchen. Staring at Su's mother is almost like looking at a dead person. It's so cold to the bone!

"What are you doing looking at me with this look!

Our family, Xue Ning, is so excellent, and she graduated from the same university as you, so she is more than enough for you!

In Huacheng, if we want to find a caring son-in-law, there are many people who line up to come to the door!

The Su family is also one of the best companies in Huacheng. Last time you asked Xue Ning to apologize to that person called Ci, how could this be possible!

She should be the one apologizing to my daughter! "

Perhaps in the eyes of parents, their own children will always be the best!

But there are very few people like Su's mother who boasted about her daughter without shame!

Su Xuening's 'arrogance and conceit' in her bones is simply a perfect inheritance of Su's mother's 'arrogance and ignorance'!

Hearing Su Changan spit out the words "court death" like peas in the standoff between plants, his eyes turned black with anger, and when he came back to his senses, Huo Muchen's face was already as dark as a pool, and his eyes were full of "I don't know." Will let you go' six characters!

His back suddenly collapsed, and cold sweat seeped through the layers of his shirt.

It's over, it's over, Huo Mochen will not let their family go!

Su Changan looked for help, and now he can only marry his daughter to the third wife of the Huo family!

Sanfang also has a adopted son, Lu Ziyan!

Only by marrying Lu Ziyan can the Su family escape the fate of being bankrupt!

Su Changan calculated all the plans in his heart, stood up and slapped Su's mother, and yelled, "What nonsense are you talking about! Our Xue Ning's favorite name is Lu Ziyan, and last time I went to M&R to find Lu Ziyan to reminisce about the past!

Huo Muchen has a wife. He has just been married for more than a month. You just came back from a trip abroad and missed their wedding. Don't talk nonsense! "

Su's mother was slapped to the side of the head, and she lost her mind.

Su Xuening was extremely sober, her father was afraid of offending Huo Muchen and wanted to have a relationship with the Huo family, so he pushed her to a bastard with a low life!

She doesn't want to marry!

Huo Muchen looked at Su Changan changing the subject calmly, with lowered eyebrows and eyes, licking his thin lips: "Want to marry into the Huo family?"


Su Changan swallowed.

Huo Mochen turned his gaze to Huo Xishen's face again: "Mr. Huo, you have exhausted what little trust I have left in you!"

Huo Xishen: "..."

The two of them suddenly felt that they had walked through the gate of hell.

"Mu Chen, the Huo family has always..." Huo Xishen stammered.

Huo Mu lowered his lips and smiled: "My tolerance for you and the Huo family is up to this point!"

The subtext is "Wait for my crazy revenge!"

"In addition, I don't want to hear a single bad word about my wife. Offending my wife is equivalent to offending me and the entire M&R. I don't mind letting you experience what it means to be unable to survive, to be unable to survive!"

After finishing speaking, Huo Mochen turned around and left.

The moment the man defended Song Ci and turned around again, Su Xuening couldn't sit still anymore, and chased after Huo Muchen's footsteps until the entrance of Huayanju before barely pulling the corner of Huo Muchen's sleeve.

"Huo Muchen, what is it about me that I can't compare to Song Ci!" Su Xuening was filled with jealousy and anger, making her unable to contain her anger, and asked straightforwardly: "If Song Ci can do it, I will only do it better!

You are now the aloof Young Master Huo, and you should be worthy of a better and better person! "


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